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UnOfficail Stoner Dictionary (Pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rampipe, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I searched around, and didn't see anything here that was even a dictionary. I aimed to give a comprehensive guide to beginners and spent quite a bit of time doing this. I plan on uploading more pictures in a bit.

    I know I probably missed a lot of things, so just submit your definition and I'll include it. Or if you have a good picture you want put in, send that to me as well! I just took all my pictures from google. I think GC images would be better =) Feedback will help make this perfect! I might expand this to include more grower terms, if you guys help me. Here it is:

    Smoker's Dictionary


    • 420 – April 20th; the biggest holiday of the year for marijuana users; hundreds of thousands of users celebrate at both 4:20am and 4:20pm by smoking marijuana, often in huge public demonstrations

    • Abe - $5 worth of weed. Same as Nickel
    • Addiction – Physical or psychological need for something. Surpasses desire or craving, and without being fulfilled, can lead to withdrawl symptoms. Weed is generally not considered addicting
    • Ash – The burnt black powder that results from burning marijuana plant
    • Ash Catcher – Extra chamber on a pipe or bong that (usually) uses water to catch ashes and additional impurities.
    • [​IMG]

    • Beasters - weed, generally from Canada, that is usually above the quality of mids and schwag but not as good as headies. Occasionally is stripped of some of it's kief, making it less potent.
    • Blaze - to smoke weed.
    • Blazed - to be high on weed.
    • Blunt – a joint rolled in the empty tobacco leaves of a cigar casing
    • [​IMG]
    • Bong – a water pipe usually classified by being larger than a bubbler as well as having a removable bowl or slide.
    • [​IMG]
    • Bowl – the part of the smoking device where the marijuana is loaded into.
    • [​IMG]
    • Bubbler – similar to a bong, except usually is smaller in size and does not have a removable bowl.
    • [​IMG]
    • Bud – the part of the marijuana plant that contains the most trichromes, and thus is the preferred part of the plant to smoke.
    • [​IMG]

    • Cannabis – the genus of plant that marijuana belongs to.
    • Cannabinoid – group of psychoactive compounds that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain (and spleen!) – includes THC, cannabidol, and cannabinol
    • Canna-butter – butter (or even oil) made by cooking weed in. The fat solubility of the butter or oil absorbs the THC easily and can thus be cooked with in regular recipies.
    • [​IMG]
    • Carb – hole in the smoking device that is held down while inhaling, then released to stop pulling smoke through the bowl and clear the smoke from the chamber.
    • Cashed – when a bowl is nothing but ashes and is no longer worth smoking.
    • Chillum – Type of pipe similar to a steamroller.
    • [​IMG]
    • Chronic - very high quality weed. Occasionally weed laced with cocaine.
    • Cut - an eighth of weed.

    • Dank - very high quality weed
    • Dealer – a person who sells weed (and maybe other drugs).
    • Dimebag – $10 worth of weed
    • [​IMG]
    • Donkey Fart – uncleared smoke left in a bong chamber.
    • Dro - hydroponically grown weed. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. While usually of much higher quality than other types, just because a strain is hydroponically grown does not guarantee quality.
    • Dub – $20 worth of weed.
    • [​IMG]
    • Dugout – a discrete usually wooden case to carry small amounts of weed. Usually paired up with “bats” or one hitters.
    • [​IMG]

    • Edibles – cooked/baked goods with marijuana in it. Provide a different manner of high that is generally much longer lasting, and sometimes more intense.
    • [​IMG]
    • Eighth – an eighth of an ounce of marijuana – 3.5 grams.
    • [​IMG]
    • Euphoria - a strong feeling of wellbeing and overall happiness caused by most drugs - this is the defining reason we use drugs such as marijuana or alcohol.

    • Female plant – the primary sex of harvested plants. Contain high THC and canabinoid levels, and only produce seeds when pollinated by a male.
    • [​IMG]
    • Fire-up - same as smoke up.

    • Ganja – another name for marijuana
    • Gram – standard unit of measurement for marijuana. 1 gram by mass of marijuana.
    • Green-out – when someone consumes so much weed they pass out. Often, but not always, associated with panic attacks or bad trips.
    • Grinder – item used to grind up marijuana so it can be packed into a bowl or rolled into a joint.
    • [​IMG]

    • Half – Half of an ounce. 14 grams of marijuana.
    • Hash - potent form of marijuana made by concentrating the trichromes into a solid substance
    • Hash Oil - Oil or liquid saturated with THC, and is usually made from hash. Is extremely potent.
    • Headies - very good quality weed
    • Herb - marijuana.
    • High – the characteristic uplifting feeling caused by marijuana. It is too complex and variable to be accurately described in one definition.
    • Hit – a lungful of marijuana smoke/vapor.

    • Indica – one of two major classes of the marijuana plant. Is plentiful in the Mideast, India, and Central Asia especially Afghanistan, Kashmire, and Pakistan. It is a short plant, generally between 3 and 6 feet, and its leaves have short broad fingers. The leaves are generally dark green sometimes tinged with purple. As they near maturity, the leaves may become significantly more purple. It is a strong smelling plant with a "stinky" or "skunky" smell. The smoke of indicas is generally thick and more prone to cause coughing when inhaled. Indicas are the traditional source of hashish.
    • Inline Diffuser (Inline Ash Catcher) - used to diffuse a greater quantity of smoke to make smoother hits.
    • Isopropyl Alcohol – Flammable, volatile, poisonous liquid often used to extract resin or make hash. Can be safely utilized for extraction, but care must be taken.
    • [​IMG]

    • Joint - a marijuana cigarette. Usually made with rolling paper sprinkled with marijuana then rolled. May contain a roach to keep ashes from being inhaled.
    • [​IMG]

    • KB - Kine Bud. Very high quality marijuana. Also known as KGB (Kind Green Bud).
    • Kief – marijuana resin consisting almost entirely of trichromes.
    • Kush – subset strain of indica cannabis. Originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range located between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Is generally very potent.

    • Laced bud – when marijuana contains other chemicals not naturally found in it. It is very uncommon to find laced bud.
    • [​IMG]

    • Male plant – a plant that has pollen sacs – usually undesired when growing.
    • [​IMG]
    • Marijuana – the reason you were born.
    • Mary Jane – slang for marijuana.
    • Mids - mid-grade herb.
    • Milkshot – a picture of a marijuana bong or pipe completely filled by white smoke. (I'll leave this for a user submitted picture)

    • Nickelbag (Nick) - $5 worth of weed
    • Nug – a piece of marijuana bud.
    • [​IMG]

    • One-hitter – a smoking device that is small, usually used for stealth purposes and primarily by one person only.
    • Onion - an ounce.
    • Ounce (O) – 28 grams of weed

    • Panic Attack – caused usually by a bad trip or extreme paranoia. Characterized by rapid breathing, increased heart rate, feelings of intense fear.
    • Paranoia – side effect of marijuana where the user becomes irrationally afraid of someone or something. Can lead to panic attacks.
    • Percolator – small subchamber within the shaft of a bong that bubbles the water out to further cool and filter the smoke.
    • [​IMG]
    • Piece – item used to smoke marijuana out of. Usually refers to a spoon or one-hitter.
    • Pipe – utensil used to smoke weed out of.
    • Pollinator – a specialized grinder with a compartment on the bottom to collect kief.
    • [​IMG]
    • Pound – 16 ounces of marijuana.

    • QP - quarter pound of marijuana. Equivalent to 4 ounces.
    • Quarter – quarter of an ounce of marijuana – 7 grams

    • Reefer - another name for weed
    • Reefer Madness - anti-marijuana propaganda from the 1930s that has become an unintentional comedy among smokers. Employs scare tactics such as suicide, murder, rape, and hit and run.
    • Resin – residual THC and plant matter that builds up on the inside of pipes/bongs, etc. Looks tar-like but is not tar.
    • Resin Ball – a collection of resin rolled into a ball, which is often smoked to the same effect as marijuana
    • [​IMG]
    • Roach – the end of a joint, usually made with a firmer piece of paper to act as an ash catcher. Can be saved and combined with roaches to be smoked later
    • [​IMG]

    • Sativa – one of two major types of marijuana plants. It is a tall plant, generally between 8 and 12 feet. The leaves have long thin fingers and are light green. The more equatorial varieties have more yellow pigments to protect the plant from intense light. Sativa buds are long and thin and turn red as they mature in a warm environment. In cooler environments the buds may be slightly purple. Sativa plants smell sweet and fruity and the smoke is generally quite mild. It is a source of fiber for rope and other products and it contains THC which gives smokers the psychic effects they seek. The leaves of this plant are smoked but the most highly prized part of the plant is the top.
    • Schwag – low grade marijuana. Usually has low cannabinoid content and many seeds.
    • Seeds – seeds of the marijuana plant found in low quality bud and occasionally high quality (though much few in number). Are generally not smoked due to low THC content and harshness.
    • [​IMG]
    • Shake - the small bits of marijuana such as pieces of buds, leaves, or kief that fall off of larger buds, usually found in the bottom of the bag. Also, ground up weed.
    • Slice - an eighth of weed.
    • Slide – part of a bong where the bowl can be removed. Air is generally sucked through to clear the bong of any smoke.
    • Smoke – the product of burning marijuana; inhaled to get high. Contains harmful tars and other carcinogens
    • [​IMG]
    • Smoke Up/Smoke Down – to smoke with someone else without asking for money. Almost always is reciprocated later.
    • Spoon – type of pipe with a longer handle and a bowl at the end.
    • [​IMG]
    • Spliff - A joint consisting of a mixture of marijuana and tobacco.
    • Sploof - A tube usually consisting of dryer sheets or activated carbon that eliminates the smell from exhaled smoke.
    • Steamroller – a pipe with two open ends. Smoked by putting mouth on one end and hand on the other. Smoke is drawn into the chamber, then the hand is removed to clear the smoke.
    • Stems – parts of the marijuana plant that contain very few psychoactive ingredients. Should generally not be smoked. Occasionally used in hash.
    • Stoner – one who smokes weed on any sort of regular basis
    • Synesthesia – the confusion of unrelated senses caused by extremely powerful psychoactives. Examples include seeing sounds, or feeling colors.

    • THC – tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active ingredient in marijuana that induces “high” or “stoned” effects
    • Trichrome – tiny little hair-like structures common on the bud and new leaves of cannabis plants that contain most of the cannabinoids such as THC.
    • [​IMG]
    • Trip – an experience usually induced by drugs other than marijuana (but not always) that extremely alters mental or spiritual perception. It is most often characterized by any number of these symptoms: confusion, paranoia, synesthesia, extremely powerful visuals, or hallucination.

    • Vaporizer – Device used to “vaporize” the active ingredients in marijuana without actually burning the plant itself. Is reportedly much safer to use because it eliminates many of the harmful tars and carcinogens that inhaling smoke would deposit in your lungs.

    • Water Pipe – bong or bubbler, or any pipe that utilizes water to cool or purify the smoke.
    • Weed – marijuana plant or parts of the marijuana plant.
    • Withdrawl – Symptoms of craving, physical or otherwise, that arise once one ceases an addictive activity.
    • Wook - A wook is a hippie without any ambition, motivation, or drive other than drugs and image. They're generally in their twenties, college students (or dropouts) at small-town liberal colleges (such as Appalachian State University) and dependent on an income other than their own. Wooks tend to travel in packs, they smell strongly of patchouli and are in constant search for free drugs. One of the defining characteristics is an excessive amount of unkempt hair, usually in dreadlocks. It is important to make the distinction between a hippie and a wook. Hippies can generally be viewed as positive, optimistic members of society with an idealistic goal for the betterment of society. Wooks are everything that you've been warned about in regard to hippies wrapped into a neat little package.

    • Zip - an ounce of marijuana. Named for the zip-lock bags it usually comes in.
    • Zoom Tube - same as a sploof. Used to filter the smell of smoke after exhaling.
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    Those pictures ended up way bigger than I thought they would. I'm gonna resize

    EDIT: Does anyone know how to resize pics? I can't figure it out.
  3. looks good. + rep for sure. its a comprehensive guide to all stoners alike. im gonna shuffle through a few times and come up with a few more to share.
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    Awesome guide dude, i am trying to think of more to add.

    + rep by the way.
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    pics are fine imo.. nice job +rep

    maybe consider adding

  6. Also, if you want to include strain pics/names/descriptions of their highs I can include that too. I feel like that's appropriate to add.
  7. Awesome. +rep
  8. Edited and added a few:


    If my definitions are lacking/incorrect please help me out there too.
  9. Hey this is real helpful for the new people, thanks.
  10. Spliffs have tobacco.

    I would add chillums, beeline, gravity bongs (bucket and waterfall), and shake
  11. I will make sure this thread stays preserved as long as possible. My god, such a helpful thread.
  12. Spliff is a joint with Tobacco and Weed usually 70/40 weed/tobacco
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    Hmm, never heard of a steam roller , where I'm from we call that a (Zoom Tube)

    SO you could add that under Z , also I second adding (Shake), thats a good one.

    Also for Z (Zip) another meaning for an ounce / 28 grams

    QP = Quarter pound

    Oh, another glaring omission is (Hash) how could Hash be left out !?!?! Lol

    Edit for list :

  14. Nice thread +rep
  15. Slice- slang for 1/8
  16. Nice thread, might want to change the spelling in the title though... "Unofficial"
  17. Nice Thread, +rep
  18. Add in "fire up". Same as smoke up/smoke down.
  19. blazed. i didnt see blazed in there.
  20. under Z put ZONG

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