Unless youve been pregnant, you cant speak on abortion.

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    Im getting tired of seeing pro-life/pro-choice propaganda everywhere. This shit is ridiculous. I dont think that your allowed to have a say on the subject unless youve been pregnant, otherwise its just not your position to say.
    Abortion may be an absolute subject, but its not your decision to make unless youve been affected by pregnancy/abortion and its consequences.

    Everyone says abortion is wrong, sinful, murder, termination etc. but then, they get knocked up when they arent ready for it...guess who they call?

    This topic has even gone to such extremes that people are at war about it, over something that dosent effect them, and they arent even in a position to change anything about it.

    Unless your pregnant, have been pregnant, or are/have been council of the effects of pregnancy(as in working in social services, taking care of kids who have been put up for adoption, or even a doctor performing the procedure), then you dont have a clue as to how heavy these thoughts really come down on you.

    Bringing a life into the world is a VERY big responsibility, so unless youve had to endure the hardship of carrying a baby, your opinion on the topic shouldnt matter.

    Here is a link to the HBO documentary 12th and Delaware which chronicles a pro-life pregancy care center, and an abortion clinic, both across the street from each other, and the vicious battle between the 2 passionate establishments.

    Now, for the last time, death/disease/etc can happen to anyone. Therefore, opinions on death/disease/etc are just as valid. PREGNANCY CANNOT HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

    Alright, peace yall.
  2. Have you ever been pregnant? Judging by your name, you shouldn't be speaking on this topic.
  3. They might take away your right to abort, but they'll never take away your right to get drunk and throw yourself down some stairs. Cuz you can't arrest gravity, fuck-o's!!

    Thank the i-man for that. No not Imus, Isaac Newton.
  4. I challenge anyone who is anti abortion to give a reasonable solution on what to do with all the unwanted children.

  5. -____- you have trouble reading dont you?
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    How about Gladiator for kids?

    No, I do not. You have an opinion on abortion and yet you say that only people who have gone through pregnancy are entitled to an opinion.

  7. This I like. I'd pay to see that shit. Enough with cocks and dogs fighting.

    It's time for humans just like the good old days!

  8. Okay then. Tell me, whats my opinion on abortion?

  9. That people who haven't been pregnant shouldn't have opinions on it.
  10. I couldnt give 2 or 3 fucks about you or your fucking baby. You wanna keep it, great. You wanna abort it, even better. There is 2 positions on this subject......pro choice......or....pro let me make a decision for you and that decision is that you are going to have the baby........'
    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...YOu wanna tell somone they have to give birth than your going to take care of the motherfuckin crybaby and change its diapers,,, feed it and all that shit and then just maybe youll pull your head outta other peoples lives and shove it right up your ass.......but my opinion doesnt count because i never was pregnant. It needed to be said though:mad:
  11. Yeah I'm pro choice and I'm gonna leave it at that.
    Threads like this get messy.
  12. What about those who were adopted?
  13. people only argue about abortion for the sake of arguing.
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    You are basically suggesting that only those who are heavily biased by circumstances and emotion should have an opinion, and anyone who is removed personally and therefore able to base their decisions entirely on logic can't have a say.

    I am of the opinion that a life begins out of the womb, and if you can prevent a life beginning in the worst situations (ie. if an HIV positive heroin junky living on the streets falls pregnant) then it will be much better than allowing the birth to happen, thus creating a miserable life unecessarily. Each case is subjective, but the situation of considering abortion should be prevented at all costs.
  15. Guys if you've never been to the moon, you can't study it!

  16. I have been through teenage pregnancy with my ex, can I speak on abortion?

  17. word :smoke:
  18. Unless you have been beaten by your father, you can not say anything against child abuse...i just feel like this is kinda similar to that lol, everyone is entitled to an opinion....regardless of how silly it may be
  19. Exactly, which makes no sense. I have to have been pregnant to have an opinion? What?

    Anyways, these types of threads always get heated, so I'll just say this:

    If ya wanna keep abortion legal, you might as well legalize murder along with it. It's the same thing, and I dare anyone to tell me it isn't. Seriously, I dare you. :D
  20. Tell me which is the lesser evil:

    Terminating a pregnancy before the fetus has grown into a living, breathing person...

    or allowing an ill-prepared mother to give birth to a child she cannot support and who could very well spend a lifetime of suffering or be put up for adoption only to pass through numerous orphanages.

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