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Unknown deficiency... Any ideas? Only my 3rd grow and first time I'm experiencing issues.

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Finsfan1986, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Joe: I also use T5s for my clones and MH/HPS to veg & flower, this is also the first time I put some outdoors, shes a totally differnt lady growing outdoors, zero "drawstring" half yellow leaves from any of the clones once they became established, I have ran them in sog but typically run her in scrogs and more leaves seemed affected in scrog but like you said overall they stay healthy and seem unaffected especially once they hit the veg inch a day growth spurt..,, I cannot believe how tall and bushy the clones got outdoors, man made lighting has come along way but still does not compare to the sun.....
  2. I grew a white widow through a few crops that had those same symptoms of viral infection. I got some great buds off of it. Whatever it was I don't think it was TMV because it just didn't seem to do any real significant damage. I would say finish the plant. Mine didn't spread to the other plant in the garden.

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