Unknown deficiency... Any ideas? Only my 3rd grow and first time I'm experiencing issues.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Finsfan1986, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. 20170831_071836.jpg 20170823_204726.jpg 20170825_224259.jpg hey guys, I have 10 ladies that all loo great, but this 1 and another 1 have this issue . the other 1 isn't as bad however... I'm looking everywhere, but nothing matches it quite right.. Maybe phosphorous? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. don't worry looks like a weak phenotype, or it could be the Mosaic Virus
    had a few times my self, still pull a some high quality bud.
  3. Alright Cool, appreciate the response.. It's still growing pretty fast and nicely. Just wasn't sure if this was something I should worry about, ya know? I'll take your advice and just keep doing my thing. Thanks!
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  4. your welcome fellow, you don't know if you don't ask :)
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  5. leafs are canoeing, leaf tips are down and a mottled look to them.

    Id say she is over watered, hungry and the lights to close or the grow room is to hot.
  6. What kind of soil or ? Are you using, have you used any nutes?
  7. I'm using ProMix HP.. Is the one w mycorrizae in it. I am using nutes... I think I was starting to overwater a lil bit so I cut back on that.. I'm using nutes, but started slowly and none of my other plants are doing this except for this one.. I think like the other guy said it may jyst be bad genes, or that mylaic disease because when I looked up pics it's very identical.. Otherwise the plant growing fast and not stunted at all... I checked the ph and it's dead on at 6.5
  8. There ya go..its been over watered.

    Let her dry out and give her some nutes. The chances of Myliac disease is real slim, so feed it and see if she comes back to green. A hungry plant has the same look. If its growing fast then its going to need energy. Food is energy.
    Just because the other plants are not showing the same problems doesnt mean to much, especially if they are not clones. I have 5 plants in my tent and they all get fed and watered etc at diff intervals.
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  9. from the pics, the leaves on the plant look like a light green bleach stain like this pic
    which is not down to under watering

  10. yep..agreed.....??
  11. over or underwatering
  12. I think its not the virus due to him not having blistered chloroform on the leaf. Rather he has a mottled look to it. He hasnt got stunted growth,which the virus causes, in fact he says the plant is growing well. He has no bleaching which the virus causes. The virus spreads from one plant to another, his other ones are fine.

    If its the virus he needs to cut down, sterilize everything so it doesn't effect another grow.

    Over watering causes leafs to curl down, he admits to over watering. His leaves a canoeing which to me points to a heat issue (perhaps his light is to close). The high growth and the mottled look along with the light green his leafs are points to under feeding. His plant is hungry and is not getting enough N.

    If im wrong, and I may be then at least he is ruling that out before he rips it all down, cause the virus will spread as viruses do.
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  13. Finsfan1986 its upto you what you do but i have seen this on my own plants a few times, been growing perpetual
    for the last 10 year and have don't about 40 crops in that time

    adding nutes often cause more harm than good when you don't know the cause of a problem
  14. over watered, not stunted and growing well, Underfed.

    Thats the causes.
  15. a few years back i had plants that looked like this and it was a high yielding plant, I kept the strain going for over a year (4 crops) not saying its virus but it did make lots of the leaves on the plant look just like this
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  16. i under feed and nearly always get that mottled look at about 2 to 3 weeks in. Which is about when i start to feed them.

    Virus destroys the chlorophyll causes the leaves to bleach from the light due to no chlorophyll. Lucky to make it to harvest with a bleached plant. Virus spreads to everything from your tools, clothes etc.
  17. this is what i understand about the virus and what i have read
    Mosaic Virus in Cannabis pics - Cannabis Infirmary - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
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  19. Thanks for sharing
    I don't get with the virus as it sounds really bad on other plants but from my experience it don't do much damage to cannabis plants, may be it only affects them, if you cause them a lot of stress under hps ?

    and my clones are under very low light (12w t5) so maybe they can deal the stress at this stage

    what light did you have your clones under ?

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