University of Texas Football 2014-2015

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Purpzor, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Texas had the 9th or 10th recruiting class this year and from what I've seen, it looks like a pretty solid bunch. I'd really like to see another championship. What do you think? (Hopefully you'll feel the same way, lol)

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  2. Texas had the 20th class this year with auburn being #9. I think Texas had a subpar class with losing the players to LSU. But strong was a great hire love the new players rules. I think Texas really need to worry bout Tex Am before they worry about being the best nationwide again.

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  3. texas fan, born and raised in austin, and texas isn't worried about a&m.  UT tried to schedule a seasonal game to continue the rivalry and A&M refused, saying they would be happy to meet us in the playoffs.  A&M knows we will murder them when manziel bails to the nfl :bolt:
  4. i completely agree with you on the A&M rivalry. I mean y'all should slaughter them they finished the season as the number 7 sec team, UT is better than that, right!? I was referring to wining against them in the off-season. Texas should improve. Curious to how y'all think UT would in the SEC west this upcoming season. Because if you think you going to win a championship your more than likely playing a team from that division.

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  5. Would do*

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  6. i don't see UT winning anything until we have a QB :laughing:
  7. i agree 100%. But as an auburn fan let me tell you, nothing is impossible. Y'all could win it all next year. Nick Marshall is very good and at the beginning of the year he was gonna play safety for us if he didn't win the job.

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