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  1. ok so what ifffff the universe that we live in is just apart of trillions of other universes together and they make up a person in another universe and it just keeps going? :smoke:  :hippie:

  2. Infinitely layered multiverse theory? Crazy shit eh
  3. This is Most Exciting; Dharma!
  4. i like to think of each cell in my body as a universe, and then the universe as a single cell in someone else's body. Same kind of thing
  5. I think anyone thats made it past the 8th grade has come up with that theory atleast once

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  6. wouldnt if be fucked up if our universe is like 1/10 the size of an atom in a bigger scale?
  7. experience it.
  8. What if all the universes were just duplicates in a bug's eye? If multiple universes is just an eye what is the rest of the body? Something beyond being a universe....
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