Unions and random testing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by tear, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Curious if anyone under union has been randomly tested, and what the outcome was. I'm guessing if you're union you don't get fired?
  2. i dont know how it works. but i can tell you i got fired from the UA(pipefitters) for 1 failed drug test. i now work with the boilermakers and we get drug tested all the time, but i no longer smoke. i just not worth losing my job for. i cant wait to see what happens at the end of the year(when we vote in cali). i want to know how the unions are going to fill about it when it legal.
  3. All depends on the contract your union negotiated along with possible past practice by your employer. Sometimes Agreements allow for some form of counseling for a first offense. But don't expect the union to condone drug use.

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