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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by smokingjoe68, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hi to those of you who remember me and to those of you who don't too. It's been a while since I've started a thread in here.

    Something has been bothering me for some time now. When I used to manage a restaurant, I simply didn't fit in with other managers. I always recognized an us/them mentality. The differences between people who managed and people under management level were exalted. The identity of many managers is developed and maintained in part by harboring a distaste for the idiosyncracies with which they label under management.

    I begin to look around more into the broader social environment in which I exist. There are us/them mentalities on many levels. We define who we are by observing characteristics and behaviors we don't have, don't want and won't practice and call those who do, 'the thems.'

    We all do have a lot of differences. I belong to several groups of us who oppose as many groups of thems. I began to understand these conflicts as a source of unrest, a reason we can not have world peace. We can never have world peace as long as there are those not yet secure in their identity who feel threatened by the thems.

    A new idea struck me this morning. I have thought of a way to begin unifying with some of the thems. As members of the human race, we are all able to find common goals with other humans. At the most basic level we can all agree to leave an environment in which our future can thrive even if we don't agree on how to do so. With common goals identified our differences are less important and our conflicts might be able to be resolved in the interest of pursuing our new goals.

    We may never have world peace but we may be able to have peace with all others willing to accept common goals.

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  2. Great post, +rep.

    I definetely understand what you mean. I have also managed a restaurant and found it hard to think like a 'good' manager. For example, i'm not comfortable telling people off for doing mistakes, being the complete dominant character, etc. This was hard because the manager above me always told me i should be more firm and dominant.

    For a long time i've thought this was a problem with my confidence or something. But just recently i've come to realise having the patience with people is a great feature for your personality. So i look at this as a positive rather than a negative.

    Its funny how we're generally taught to strive to be the dominant character. :smoking:

    Edit: Hope that makes sense
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  3. Hey smokingjoe68!! :D :wave:

    I do remember you and it's great to have you back here! :)

    Well, it's interesting that you posted this thread, and although your focus is on human unity, it hits me in a slightly different place. Yesterday, a friend of mine got fired from work, which means he needs to find a new job ASAP because he's got financial entanglements like the rest of us. But what was the most upsetting thing was that neither of the two managers would give him a straight answer regarding why it was happening. Two weeks before, one of the managers had called him in and told him that he needed to shape up (take shorter breaks, get to work on time, and be a little more serious). And my friend got the message and took it really seriously. For two weeks he was busting ass on the job and then just yesterday the same guy called him in the office and began with the, "We're sorry but-" and my friend cut him off: "So you're saying I need to find a new job for the summer..." "Yeah." And then my friend said something along the line of "You're not really sorry. Whose decision was it?" And then this manager and the other manager (separately) blamed the other manager for having negative feelings toward him, but when my friend tried to hold either of them accountable, they just called it a "team decision". He was doing everything they wanted but it's clear they just wanted him fired.

    It's ridiculous how people like them sleep at night. Two-faced, unaccountable, and power-hungry. I am so tired of the hierarchical game of bullshitting.

    Sorry to say so much... I agree we need to find unity, but most importantly we need to look within and feel the unity that's already underlying our existence.
  4. You sir, will never manage my taco bell franchise, talking like that!:D

    But seriously,yeah I agree 100%, and to the OP, you both described about 85% of the bosses I've ever had.

    Just don't be like them...use the force, Smoking Joe68 !

    I blame Business schools for teaching these future corporate mindfucks how to act as if they are god-like, just for giving someone a few bucks an hour.

    Bad bosses are the ruination of many good situations.

    If there is a hell, there's definitely a VIP lounge down there, full of my former employers...
  5. I know they live in hell. That's why they act the way they do. But don't think I'll remove them of their desired virtual world.

    The Great Pretense is falling. We all feel it, even the losers who once saw themselves as winners. Only they have something to lose, but luckily it's just material gain off the sweat of everyone else's backs. :)
  6. The Great Pretenders? They'll be singing Doo-wop soon?
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Platters - Great Pretender, Only You (live)[/ame]
  7. Sure, they can go too. :)

    They've "got the right dynamic for the new frontier".
  8. Harmony is where it's at, on the new frontier!

    Let us sing a new world song.:cool:

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