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Discussion in 'General' started by KraziHare, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. I live in a house with my mom, sister and grandma. My sister's had her boyfriend staying here for a number of months and niether or them have had jobs for at least half a year.

    So pretty much my mother and I have been supporting these two people while they've been partying and occasionally job hunting. Well, finally my sister got a job and she recieved her first paycheck last Friday.

    Now, you'd think that after supporting her with money I could he using for college or maybe a car of my own (200 - 300 dollars a month) for the last six months plus the fact that she just flat out owes me money would be enough to get something from her. But she seems to have spent all the cash she's going to make over the next few months in her head already, dreaming about all the crap she's going to get for herself now that she can afford it. I'm not part of those plans.

    On Saturday she handed me ten dollars, and that was only after an argument. She won't share her pot with me (which is another habit of her's I've been supporting) and she won't buy me any food.

    Then, yesterday, she said the most mind bogglingly selfish thing I've ever heard. Out of her lips came the sentance "After all I've done for you...". When we were arguing about something entirely unrelated. Where the hell did this come from? Was I wrong and she was actually supporting me over the last half year? She's always become indignant and selfish in the face of a request, but this takes the cake.

    She won't pay me the money she owes me, she won't share her pot, and she won't buy food. And my mom won't be a hardass about it because she thinks my sister will theaten to quit her job and go back to the way she was.

    So, I don't have the power to kick my sister out, I can't argue with her because she seems to think that I owe her some how, and my mom seems to love to enable this behavior.

    What the hell should I do?

  2. round up a bunch of donkeys, get a tiller, two bannanas and a water hose....styrofoam cups help to

    i think you know what to do from there


    remember back in '64

  3. Dude, it's my sister. Maybe if it were a cousin but there are laws against that kind of thing.

    I suppose if I replaced the bananas with plantains it would be do-able.

    man, those were some craaaaaaaazy days
  4. who goes to footlocker to get rid of blueballs anymore...

    bootage..what in the hell were you thinking..

    no..seriously...while she is asleep...duct tape, saran wrap, rope, and chain her to the bed...still questionable in some states....and then hole an angry gerbil to her buttocks until she gives you some money.
  5. you're just jealous because I understood the true nature of your state of the bootage adress

    well I can tell you for sure that the turrests won't win!!!

    damn Manrod and your silly cerulean nuts
  6. What is there to do really? Don't help her out at all if she is so ungrateful. Remember this for the future. She won't help you out, why help her out. I'm 19 I haven't had a job in like a year. My first few pay checks (between 300-400) will COMPLETELY be going to my parents who have been supporting me. Minus maybe a sack + gas money to get to work :D .... But hey, it's the type of person she is, I guess. Tons of people have the attitude, "I didn't ask for help, so I don't owe you anything." Ya know?
    All you can do is remember it.
  7. ooo by the way. The not sharing the weed thing.. that's just outright damn selfish. If I happened to meet ya while buying a copy of hightimes and you were like "eheheh you smoke huh?" I would be like "yeah, :D wanna smoke?" and that's to a stranger. You would think a sibling would be like "hey let's get high." Don't share with her ever.
  8. Dude, all i can say is, that sucks and good luck with however it turns out. im not good with ideas.
  9. "hopefully she will grow up soon"

    yep, hope she's one of the ones who will grow up.

    her actions may be quite bad, but what makes it worse is that she percieves things in such a completely different light.
  10. well when we were younger we beat eachother's respective asses many a time, so there's no need to now (think Jack and Kelly Osbourne from that show, we got VIOLENT some times)

    but the thing is, when I act like a hardass and deny her help or favors I feel like I'm sinking to her level, maybe I'm a pussy but it just doesn't feel right

    but then again I was complaining about my mom doing the same thing, so maybe a different aproach is in order

    danks for the comments guys :)
  11. Krazi

    Your sister needs another brother to bug cause uou are gonna be broke soon.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  12. i'd start spreading word that "hey my sister is legally retarded so she has a hard time finding jobs... actually its easier for her to find jobs but shes so fucking dumb she's afraid to work at such a 'high profile' job".

    or tell your friends to quit smoking marijuana because "hey look, it didn't affect me but it can do shit like it did to my sister. i mean she doesn't do anything anymore, she's just like that couch potato in the anti-weed commercial"

    or something. just spread word, that'll motivate her maybe.

    i mean of course this is after you've tried everything positive, i.e. complement what abilities she already has so that maybe she feels motivated to work in that area.
  13. *points, shines spotlight, starts sirens, shoots flares, gets out reflectors*


    unless its already been addressed in another thread, as this is my first thread to visit for the day......in which case..pay me no mind.
  14. This sounds like my brother..

    Hes 43 years old and he still lives with my mom and dad.. When he would work he would do something to get fired over..
    He ows me money and it will freeze in hell before i will get it.. The other day my mom asked me to lend him some money and I told her that when he gives me the money that he ows me, then I might think about it..

    Some people turn out to be total retards.... Of course if they can do it and get by with it, then they just might be smarter than us!!!
  15. "This sounds like my brother..

    Hes 43 years old and he still lives with my mom and dad.. "

    eheheh..heheh.. meheheh.. yeah.. :D eheh.. heh..
  16. Namron

    Other than surviving floods, war, famine, pestilence, extreme temperatures, irate fathers, irate mothers, meal worms, irate girlfriends, mosquitos, Jehova Witnesses, Sheriffs, bad moonshine, constipation, toothache, bellyache, assorted scrapes and bruises, runny nose, stash shortages, foot fungus, bad haircut............ how ya been?

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  17. aside from not having any siblings, paul, ive been great!

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