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Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Well, I get home from work. I had workout hard today, long day at work, and just wanted to go to my place, chill with some WoW, watch a movie and go to bed.

    But, I get a knock on the door from my girl and a buddy of ours. I haven't seen him in about 4 months, and he's gonna be moving quite close to me. But, the great surprise was that he brought over some hash. Mmmmmmm...:smoking::hello:

    Just toke a fat bowl of it. And I'm BBAAAKKKKEED! I haven't toked in a few days, been working out hardcore, and this hit me just right. :)

    Time for music and patterns with bright colors. :smoking:
  2. I hear ya, Feelin good off some codiene.

    So fuckin relaxed.
  3. Awesome man! I havent been able to play WoW too much recently but I'll see you on soon for sure.

    Its always nice to see a friend you haven't seen in awhile... I have a few of those I really need to get in touch with.
  4. Holy shit, you guys responded fast. :)

    Yea, its awesome. He's moving in with his girl and buddy. A lot closer than he is to me now. But, it was just awesome. While walking home tonight, I was thinking how I wouldn't mind a nice fat bong rip, right about now.

    Answered my prayers. :)
  5. I envy you. I've wanted to smoke some good hash for so long but never come across any. Some loosely pressed keif is the closest I've come.
  6. Man i really need to try hash.....

    anyways, that's awesome man. Two great surprises at once :hello:
  7. tokinblue, u have never smoked hash? really? :eek:
  8. Nope :(

    No one has ever sold it and i've never tried to make it before. I know, i am depraved :cry:
  9. I'm in the same boat as you Tokin, plan to change that when I get my grow up.
  10. Never tried hash but im sure its amazing.

    Had a pretty shitty night myself...feeling kinda in the gutter. A girl that I consider a very good friend of mine sold out (again) on plans that we had and then had the fucking nerve to make completely deceitful lies/excuses right to my face about it. After tonight I no longer consider her a very good friend of mine. I cant deal with people like this, who are pathological liars and sell out all the time. I dont need this BS in my life. She was a really cool girl.. somebody who I trusted and felt close to- like a sister. We crossed the friend line a long time ago and would kill each other if we were actually "together"..were completely different personalities but were great friends. Anyways..im just rambling. Im gunna toke up and try and forget that I ever met this girl. I've had a lot of friends in my life..if there is one thing that I have learned though..its that you cant count on or trust anybody. I dunno.. I think I just got to close with this girl.. it was strictly a platonic relationship. Here i go rambling again.. peace
  11. i love hash, its a wonder

    but it seems alot of people make it seem better than it is...except for bubble hash, the hypes pretty good on that

    as for old friends stopping by with hash, i wish i was that lucky...they stop by with beer, and maybe mids...but decent hash is pretty rare around here...
  12. had hash around me all the time in high-school, i never bought it, and now i regret it. but i got to smoke a shit load of it because of my friends :)

    Heard of smoking out of the cup technique?
    someone might have done something on youtube, otherwise sry, too high to explain.

    so so so many good nights with a cup, half a cig or so, and a paperclip. and CD case, yes.
    if u get creative, you might be able to figure it out, using required ingredients, above :)


    can't find hash or dro right now in my area, i can find exotics on occasion, but 90% of the time, its just schwagg, and lots of it.
  13. yea Iv never smoked hash either. I get too impatient and just smoke my bud isntead of makin hash haha.
  14. Actually Heinous Anus, he's gonna live a bit more than an hour away so that's a bit farther than Amherst.

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