Unexpected jacking of weed

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  1. i would have deff. told my friend to give it the fuck back or ill fuck him up, weather it be beating him down and wrecking / stealing something of his thats equal andm ake sure he knows
  2. All I have to say to your 'friend' is karmas a bitch:devious:
  3. Wow i had some shit like that happen to me i was to pissed!!!! Well heres what happend went to sell someone i knew an o whaen like 4 or 5 of his friends come out the cuts. long story short i got my ass kicked and my bud jacked!!! So i was like what ever because i heard that theese fools were rollin strapped (had guns). But my gangster gangster cousin was like that aint gowin down. (Just a little insit on my cousin he started a gang that actually has respect for reppin their hood). So he and i plus like 10 of his "HOMMIES" went found theese fools got my bud and all those fools money!!! Tell me that isnt strait G status got my shit back taught those fools a lesson and came up on som loot!!!!
  4. bullshit you just wanted to use the word gangsta gangsta lol fag.
  5. you did the right thing, jacking weed aint right at all
    if it were me i woulda went back an paid the guy for the inconvienience, taking no weed. thats just me tho
  6. heres the thing if you dabble in illegal activities illegal shit will happen to you i understand it is a moral thing to you not ot steal weed.

  7. your shit is fake bitch
  8. Well, if i were you, phone your friend up right now and see if you can get a cut of the bud, then give your cut back to the kid dealer, and hook him up with people to sell it to, and tell the people what had happend, maybe they will give the kid a extra 5 bucks or something, just so he can get his money back because think of him right now, he was happy that he got his weed and shit, then it was stolen, i was tought the same way and i was ripped of by a kid i grew up with for like 130 bucks.

    Just because you didnt get out of the car your not a bad person, but try to help the kid out as much as you can because its always better to never burn your bridges down.
  9. That's fucked up i hate that shit so fuckin much you don't even understand. I got jacked for 1400 dollars worth of bud and 15 people popped out of nowwhere with basball bats, me and my cousin got out but his boys didn't. Now one of the kids is in jail for attempted murder and the other got his house burnt down. Shit like that can fuck you over.
  10. i know it sucks, but i'd give the kid who got ripped off $130 or whatever it cost. you'll lose some $ but keep a dealer/friend.
  11. Happens all the time... your friends a dick
  12. I say you have a serious talk with the jackass who stole the weed, and either get him to fully refund the "middle man" or get him the full amount of weed back possibly more. If he doesnt comply with this, or he wont budge on any compromise, then lose that bitch and talk it out witht he middle man, and explain your position, make sure he knows you tried and that you think it was a shitty move and that you are no longer "friends" with the jackass
  13. It seems like you had no part, but being in the same vehicle of the thief, is the same as taking the bud. the thief wouldn't have done it without his "boys" at his side, but as far as i can see, if you can see your friend kicking your ass? How is that a friend?
  14. dude, you hang out with some shadey people....
  15. Man, i got ripped off for 80 bucks, and 20 from his cousin. I'm still pissed about it cause 40 was my moms money and the other 40 was mine, and the 20 was also mine. I know where the kid lives, but what happened was, my friend "knew" this kid who we could get some bud from. So we go to his house and the kid comes out and opens his gate and we go into his yard and he says, hes gotta go get it but no one is allowed to be at his house so we would meet him down at the library in like 30 minutes. So we go to the library and he never shows, so i go back to his house and his brother and some other kid comes (forgot to mention there was like 5 dudes there that were bigger then us) and said that he was out looking for us. THEN he takes his phone out of his pocket and hes all like, oh shit man, he got arrested with it and shows us a text message (since when did they let u text message in jail? *thinks he was in the house text messsaging) well hes like, shit i gotta go pick him up from PD so he and his friend get in his pickup and drive around the corner , so me and my friend follow the direction his truck went, about 1 minute later he comes back down the street, and i go BACK to his house and he says that it was gonna take 200 bucks to bail him out. So im like, oh so wheres my money then and they are all saying that im not gonna get it back cause thats just the way it is, i was trying to buy drugs and he got arrested, so thats all on me. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Makes me so fuckin mad, i will do something for retaliation but i havent done it yet, just plotting.

    edit: normally i wouldnt be stupid and fall for this, but seeing that i knew where the kid lived and my friend had already bought from him before, i thought it was safe. No one fall for that.
  16. ur friend is a grade A cunt if he'd of done that to me lord knows were he'd be now.but more to the point u suck a bit for jus not saying anything,if u think something is wrong then hav the testicular fortitude to open your mouth and if needed take action-that m8 is the differnce between a man and a boy or a puppy and a big dog
  17. WANNABE:rolleyes:
  18. I'd say you chose sides by staying in the vehicle. I back my friends up 100%, but I know my friends aren't going to do anything foolish or stupid in a situation like that, this guy doesn't sound like a friend.
    If you think a situation is sketchy you should just walk away from it. By connecting yourself to this guy this way, your name could develop a negative reputation.
    Does this "dealer" kid know who you got his name from? If he does, word can spread. If it's not within your means to fully rectify the problem, at least try and make amends for part of it.
    An apology, hopefully a monetary one, and the knowledge that you didn't know that was going to happen might help.

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