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  1. Ok, first things first, I AM NOT OK WITH THE STEALING OF WEED. It's and asshole thing to do, and I never wanted to be any part of it. But yesterday I got involved, and it sucks.

    So heres how the story goes, my friend took his moms BMW for a little spin, and picked me up at school. I was trying to buy some weed from this dealer I had never met before. We had to pick him up tho, and take him to HIS dealer to get the weed so he could sell some to me.

    So, we pick him up and he's this smaller kid who doesnt look very intimidating. We drive to the local burgerplace, and this dealer gets out and goes to his dealer to get the bud. He comes back into the car and shows us all the weed he just bought. A half O of some DANK Calli bud. So my friend who is driving drives to the local park and we park in the parking lot, get out of the car and the dealer starts weighing my sack out in the trunk. All of a sudden my "friend" takes this kids whole half O of bud. The dealer turns around and is like "Umm...Give me back my weed". And my friend just says, "There are two options, both of witch include me taking your weed." At this point I just got back into the car, I was'nt about to pick sides because I could get my ass kicked by both. Anyways, I'm just sitting back in the car in shock, and my "friend" gets back into the car and just starts the car. This dealer is PLEADING with my "friend" to give him back his weed, saying "This is my paycheck man! I NEED THIS BUD!" but my "friend" just took off in the car. The dealer had left the scale in the backseat, so I grabbed it and placed it on the ground through the window on the way off. I already felt sorry for the guy, he just got jacked for $130 worth of weed! The last thing I could do was give him back his scale.

    Anyways, when my "friend" asked me on the way off if I wanted any, I declined. I told him that it was'nt cool with me what he just did...anyways the reason I didnt do anything when all this was happening is because I'm not about to pick sides...call me a pussy or whatever but I'm not the type to fight. Anyways, I just wanted to share my shitty story with everybody, and let you know whats up.
  2. I woulda kicked your 'friends' ass and hooked homeboy back up with the sack.
  3. Yeh dude take that half back from your 'friend' and give it back to that dealer. Not only are you judged because of your actions but also your buddies actions.
  4. Mother fuckers get shot for stupid shit like that down here, better hope he doesnt got any connections with gangs...
  5. yea i had a similar story and it sucks so might as well share wit u....

    me and my boy got his cousin to go drive and get us some bud onenight and everything was cool... the next night he calls us and says he wants some from the same guy... so i said yea how much u got he said 250 so i called my dealer who is a good friend and told him and picked a place to meet... then my dealer calls and says that he stole all the weeed and wanted his money... i got scared cause they were comin to my house wit guns and shit lookin for him.. then the kid who stole the weed stopped by and tried to sells us an eighth for 10... i declined it and tried to get it back so i could give it back but he wasnt gonna do it.... so then me and the dealer were on bad terms because of someone elses dumb actions........ i hate that shit so much
  6. hmm, you dont need to hang out with your "friend" anymore. thats the kind of person that will get you in shit and leave you out to dry if it came between you and him.
  7. Sounds like a fuckin' little rich kid prick! That shit just ain't right. I'd stay away from him if I were you. The son of a bitch will end up causing you nothing but trouble. And you sound like a decent kid... ditching the scale, declining the stolen weed... so don't let pricks like that take you down. Find friends who are as decent as you... maybe the kid who scored for you in the first place?

    Try spreading it around to all your friends... the story of what this guy did. Maybe someone will hear about it and take care of the little prick.:cool:
  8. I hope your "friend" gets shot. We dont fuck around like that.

  9. Wow. I would be enraged if that happened to me. . . .


    I'm not gonna hark on ya. Judging by your dealer's paycheck ($130) I'd say

    your still young (but over 18 ;) ) and have alot of wisdom to gain. While you're

    still young you are however old enough to now right from wrong. The reason you

    were so stunned is because you Realized that Your friend was doing something

    pretty mest up. There's a saying. . . 'Birds of a fleather flock together'. You have

    to pick and choose your friends wisely because if you don't, you could get burned,

    badly. Now you know. Next time you have to do what's right.

    Example: You and your same friend go another dealers house to pick up some

    green. You walk in and BANG!!!!! Both you guys are getting jumped by 15 people

    relentlessly getting your skull crushed in.. . . All because your friend is a thief. . .
  10. That's fucked up on so many levels.

    I'd never associate with your "friend" again and hope to god your dealer doesn't have any connections with muscle, since you pussed out and let him steal that guys weed without doing anything, now you're part of it too.

    And yeah, I do think you were being a pussy for not standing up to something that's you knew was wrong. Just hope you don't have to pay for it with your teeth. Even if you couldn't have stopped your friend, you could have tried to grab the sack or convince him to pay for it. I know you were probably in shock, but from your story you didn't do a damn thing for this kid and just rolled with your friend. Giving him his scale back is pale compared to jacking weed, since scales are worth about $15 tops. I know you were trying to be nice but the nice thing would have been to not completely go along with it, like you did.

    Also, like Tweech said, anyone who's mom has Beemer can afford a sack of weed, so it seems your friend is just a bad person. And bad people don't give a flying fuck who they fuck over. I've had enough "friends" who were morally corrupt who I *thought* would never fuck me over even though they'd do it to other people, but a time would come when fucking me over was worth more than friendship and it happened.


    Although I doubt you'll do this, the only thing I can think of to clear your name would be to call up the dealer, and give him $130. Or steal something expensive from your bad friend and give it to the kid. Otherwise, from the dealers POV, a couple guys just jacked him of $130. There's no doubt in my mind he thinks you were part of it. Maybe he even got your buddy's license plate #, which is tied to a physical address. HA!
  11. you are the company you keep...

    in other words, you are going to be judged the same as your friend. you might as well have done it because even though you didn't take any of it, you are condoning it because you let it happen.

    shitty friend.

    sucks for your dealer.

    *edit* haha i just read through all the posts, and realized your homeboy drives a beamer? yeah fuck that little rich punk.
  12. yeah the more i think about, this guy is fucked huh?
  13. You should have at least said yes I would like some of that and then gave it back to your dealer. But you should have picked sides. Yeah either one of them may have kicked your ass, but either two of you could kick the others ass. If you backed your dealer then your "friend"(Which he is not) would have thought twice before he even tried it. Could've gotten a ride back with your dealer. Might have even gotten a nice burn for helping a bro out. Either way you got some bad karma hanging over ya. You might wanna start thinking what you're going to do to make it right.
  14. dude welcome to the city. with posts like this, it seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders. + motherfucking rep

  15. I would go along with either of those ideas. You've got to do something to redeem yourself. At least trying to make amends with the kid would be the right thing to do. Although I usually don't condone theft from individuals, stealing from the prick who stole the kid's weed and giving to the kid is sort of a Robin Hood-ish solution, and that, I can respect. :cool:
  16. thisisnotreal, THanCs man, glad to be here. Head sound ripe when I hit it so I'll keep it:) , thanx for the k+ or r+.

    I think he should call the dealer up and see what he thinks, brainstorm on what to do. See what it is that would make it alright in his eyes. You might go rip something off the a*shole to give him only to find out that ticks him off more.
  17. THANKS y'all for your comments, most good, a few bad, but w/e it's alright. I WILL talk to my "friend" about the stupid shit he got me involved in. But...I dont know. This kid (to be honest) is a little rich, but not entirely. I mean, he still has to hustle like all of us out there. BUT that is not a fucking exuse, and I know what all y'all mean when you say with redeeming myself and shit. BUT this dealer, I seriusly don't know his name. I knew absolutly nothing about him when I met him, some kid just gave me his #. This dealer was a punk too, but once again that NO EXUSE. I'm high so I'm not gonna type anymore right now, so I'll be back later with somemore thoughts on this bullshit I'm involved in.

  18. You're just as retarded as that kid.

  19. I don't know about that... technically, I think retardation is defined as having an IQ of 90 (or maybe it was 80) or below. I don't think either one of these guys reach that limit, but the poster you're replying to doesn't seem to even approach 70... and I think that's considered extreme retardation. :D :D :D

  20. H3y man, I dunt foook around leik taht!

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