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  1. does anyone else feel completely worthless when you can't contribute to anything financially...
  2. Yes. Unemployment suck a fat chode.
  3. Not at all, yay for smoking weed all day and chronically masturbating.
  4. see why do u have to contribute money.

    why not love.
  5. You could help around with household chores, and things like that.
  6. Hand out free hand jobs to your roomies, they'll never judge your worth again!
  7. I quit my job about 2 weeks ago, I have plenty of money saved up for a rainy day, so I still contribute financially, still been going out and doing things and spending money. Just less than before.
    I've been cleaning my house like crazy every day, try to stay busy. That said I still feel like a loser and need to start looking for a new job soon.
  8. You can't buy shelter and food with love.

  9. This..

  10. if u have enough faith anything is possible

    why limit yourself?

    and pretty much any aurgument u have agaisnt this fact is just illusion trying to keep you down.

  11. No,op is right.

    I payed 10$ today just to play basketball!

    Yea,I guess public parks charge memberships now..

    In this day and age,in this country you are nothing without money,just a sad truth.

    Don't believe me? Go invite a bum to your house to play xbox..
  12. I work in education so I draw every year for 3 months.

  13. ok im not saying NO money whatso ever.

    but if times are rough and ur looking for work theres nothing wrong with just being a loving positive member of said community.

    the universe shall provide...

    doesnt mean i can lay here and not do any foot work tho.

    and what kind of park is that???
  14. maybe you have been lucky, but i can tell you that in my experience, the universe does not provide shit unless you go get it.

  15. I'm actually quite the ocd cleaning person, and I'm literally the only one in my house that cleans (out of four people). It's actually really fucking frustrating but I do it because it's the only contribution I can give, even though none of us pay rent...only power+water and such.

    I've been searching for a job for a long time, I'm always applying somewhere...and still nothing.

    It's been like...5 months.

    I'm home alone most of the time and I just feel so depressed. So fucking depressed.
  16. Pimped my resumé, still looking for work here...

  17. Ever consider doing some volunteer work? I did it before a few years when I was out of work for a couple months and couldn't find a job. It gets you out of the house, gets you in a positive frame of mind, it helps you network and make some connections, and it also looks good on your resume.

  18. That's a good idea, but I'm not sure what volunteer work could be geared towards being a hair stylist.

    Also, another bad part of my situation: I don't drive. I learned how, but after a very terrible accident two years ago I can barely breathe thinking about getting behind the wheel. It's something I am planning to tackle, it's just dealing with the anxiety attacks.

    I could take the bus, but I also have a crazy fear of that, too. (I was sexually assaulted on a public bus.)

    So essentially, I feel extremely cooped up in this house, I'm about to go insane.

    MJ has kept me relatively sane... but I don't pay for it, and my bf doesn't want to pay for it for a while to save money. Understandable but I'm scared to see what it's going to be like, I thought it was hell even when I was stoned...

    :( fuck. Sorry about the rant, guys.
    Tons of one day jobs there. You'll make money while you look for a permanent job.

  20. if youre a woman you can if you know what im sayin'

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