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Undesirable People

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krizzykrook, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. As a blade, describe the type of person you cannot stand smoking with, and why?

    For me, i have friend who's brother moves weight and he smokes with his mom..yet he proceeds to be stingy about matching and seems like he tries to not throw in bud as much as he can get away with. Dont get me wrong, me and him are chill but he gets kind of annoying.

    - Sorry if this is a thread already, i checked and i didnt really see one that was exactly like this
  2. I think its agreed stingy people are the worst! i wont smoke them out anymore.

    I swear there was a point in time this kid would be geting oz's weekly and he would hardly smoke me out a couple bowlpacks, and i would have like an eighth a week and smoke him out more than he did me. I stopped hanging out with him.

    also people who cant handle their shit.. goes without saying
  3. Someone who's a fake, a know it all who constantly feels like he needs to out-smoke other people and "show them up." And someone who's stingy with weed.
  4. stingy people, who love smoking, but hate pitching. Also people who act like they are fucking going crazy when they're high. Like fucking relax. Also people who act like they have been smoking forever, and can barely finish a joint. Fuck. /rant
  5. anyone (or any situation) that's sketchy, but also people who sketch out unnecessarily
  6. and people who can't hold their shit/act super baked
  7. people who "trip" off weed. i would love to see those people on better drugs lol
  8. I hate those smug mother fuckers who will smoke all your pot in a heartbeat, but when it comes to sharing their pot they freak out.

    Also people who get really fckn loud.
  9. people who think they are tough cause of their police record

    people who think their tough in general because "there life was so hard"

    people who are never happy about anything (like depression but everything they say/do)

    people who won't throw down

    people who say they'll throw down and match and don't even match half

    people who care what others think about them

    the "alpha males" who can't think of anything to talk about besides the girl they slammed last night and how cool their brew is lol

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