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underwater bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thebigbird!, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. im going up to a cottage soon right on the lake and i planned on buying a bong to bring there.. my question is, do you think i could hide it underwater and wen i come back in a month or next year will it be safe?
  2. itll float away....and get the fish high
  3. it cant float away its gonna b FILLED with water UNDERWATER
  4. If it is a fairly remote part of this body of water you are talking about then it should stay there but as far as how good of condition it will be in ill go ahead and tell you to be prepared for a disgusting algae and mildew covered bong.
  5. Ever heard of currents? I don't think that underwater would be the most intelligent way to hide your bong. A year underwater? I don't think so. Try under your bed or something a little less risky.
  6. Clean it out, put it in a plastic bag and bury it... Seems like it should hold up and be reasonably safe.
  7. I say just take it home with you and sell it to a friend if you can't keep it.

  8. not a bad idea except it might get damaged when trying to dig it back up.
  9. You would never find it and even the slim odds that you would find it you wouldn't want to smoke out of it with all those micro organisms in it. Like someone said bury it, it doesn't even have to be that deep in the ground just put it under a rock or something.
  10. hiding a bong under water. that has got to be the dumbest thing i have ever heard
  11. why dont you just get another one next year
  12. hahah yeah thats pretty dumb. maybe anchor it.. but still. yaeh. pretty dumb. digging or just buy one that you can toss.
  13. Lmao, pretty funny idea IMO.

    Look bud, even if you "secured it" under water, the chances are that some fish would knock it over, or some rock would catch in the current and break your bong. Plus, chances are you wouldn't find it anyway, you'd go back a year later and be searching for hours, for something that either floated away or got broken.

    There'd be tons of micro organisms in there, algea, and other dirt and shit.

    Find a better way, or just buy a pipe and pocket it when you're ready to leave!
  14. hhahhaha thats some james bond shit!!!:smoking:
  15. you must be either realllly really high,
    or really really stupid

    im kinda leaning towards #2
  16. Lmaorofl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  17. Looks like you need to think about a home-made disposable bong. Seriously.
  18. It would work fine with GonG, if you hid it well, but it would be disgusting and full of alge... I would just bring it with me multipule times.

    If you wanna hide a piece outside, get a small stone one, they won't rust, corrode, rot, anything. I sometimes leave them at my pretty remote smoking spots, and they are fine, because nothing can really hurt one.

    And if you're cheap, get a couple files, drill bits, Xacto knices, and a saw, and get your hands on some soap stone, that's how I did mine.
  19. fishes are going to live in it and its gonna be filled with moss and mussels
  20. and now.... stoner thoughts....


    also laughed cause i could totally see someone saying:

    "You could do it with a roor, but anything else won't last"


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