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Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, May 11, 2004.

  1. As I replied to a question from Tomballguy05, I realized that I could make a profound difference in many peoples lives if I convayd something very important to the whole lot of you, and I hope everyone gets a chance to read this. First of all, id really like to say that im not trying to say i know more then anyone, and if someone who has more knowledge with anything i say can or wil speak up and help me out id be really apreciative. i want your comments, and hopefully ill be able to answer any question that anyobody has. also i'll apologize now for my spelling.

    The matter of which id like to speak is harmfull substances. the first most important thing to undersatand is that they DO exist. there are chemicals which you can put into your body, either threw smoking, rolling, shooting, snorting, eating, whatever, that have a harfull effect on you, no matter who you are, what kind of past ancestory you have, what blood type you are, whatever, there are things out there that we can all put into our body that will negatively effect our physical beings. thats truth, and i dont think anyones debating that, so we've got that out of the way. now, its important to realize that I am definitly not saying that whatever these harfull substances are, should not be used. not by any means am i saying that, infact quite the contrary. I am an avid pill hitter, i enjoy drinking, i have rolled e on many acation, iv robo tripped(whats up hemptress!!!, haha), iv done many many things that i knwo to effect my body in a harmful fasion but it is clear to me now, what i am doing when I injest these things into my body, and what the decision that i am making is when i do so. I wish to god that i would have known what the decision i was making was before i ever tried any of these things, and i didnt, and my ultamite goal here is to help all of you to understand that decision and what it really is... think about it like this...

    each time you do something that you know is harfull to your body(say snort a line of coke), you knowing weaken your physical body, and you knowing except that you are comming closer to death or a less full physical life(if you know that that substance is really hurting you). In deciding that this is definitly what you want to do, then you must evaluate what your physical life means to you, and how much you value it. for me, and what i would encourage all of you to think about here, is that after the physical life, our souls DO go into the astral, and once their, each soul that carries any god in it wil find god, and that is the path to eternal love and happiness, and while this all sounds very silly to some of you, for I, the beleiver, this is as clear as the words you are looking at right now;as truthfull as the fact that you are reading this message, trying to understand something which you may not. Either way however, whether you see the truth that I see and so many others see, the decision you are mkaing should be clear to you after you read this... "if i do this (ex, heroine, coke, alcohol, tobacco, inhalents, or anything that is not purely found existing on the earth without human creation) then i will become physiclly a weaker person, and may not live as long or as full or both as i would have, physiclly, before." that is the decision you must make if you want to do anything which is not purely found and harvested from the pure Earth. Weed, shrooms, ect. are a differnt matter completely. keep in mind howveer that their are purely natrual substances which were not intended to be injested by man. these are known as natrual poisons... pyote is an example of this. although it may not kill you, pyote CAN and HAS severly altered the way in which many users think. i hope that this thread has brought you inner peace and understanding, and i hope that each and every one of you can relate and use this imformation in your lives. God be with you(and he is), yohanan svitavsky.

    p.s. natrual found non poisons, liek weed, dont physiclly hurt you more then pinching your skin, so have a bowl on me baby! heres to mary and smoking it!
  2. Good post.

    However, no one knows exact how long they are truly going to live, and a large portion of people probably will not die of natural causes. You're life could end in the blink of an eye with no warning what so ever. And as far as any of us know, we only have one life. So some people may feel like they want to experience everything they can while they are alive. As a result, some may not question what they are doing and how it will affect them 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Lots of us live our lives one day at a time, and simply feel, "Hey, if its on the table, why not?"

    Now I'm in no way advocating hard drug use, but I feel if thats something you'd like to do in your life, as long as it doesn't in some way affect me, than I'm okay with it.

    But I do agree with you. People should think about what they're putting into their body. Not only in terms of drugs and alcohol, but also in terms of how they eat, exercise, and so on. Poor dieting and exercising habits can kill you faster than many drugs.
  3. brillaint response, all good points. the only thing you said that i dont agree with is that no one knows the exact amoutn of time in which they wil exist, because I do, and there are others liek me, and you could be like me too, i knwo you could because anyoen can.

    On living each day as though it wil be your last, I can see what this is like, for it was not more then a week ago that i too could not be sure that each day COULD be my last, but now, I am. Yes, each physical day could be my last, definitly a true statement, but I and you and all theothers who dont reply because they have nothign to say, no negative or positive, will live through their souls when they die. if you dont knwo god, then it sounds liek reliouse hipe and i remember and still get that feeling when the hype is from those who dotn trully understand. religione is quite simply your faith in the absolute truth, and what you believe it to be, and for those who have walked with truth, and understood truth, and seen it, truth is so clear that they believe it as much as they believe they are alive..that is how powerful God is, and that is the power which i believe in him with. with love, yohanan svitavsky.

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