Underside of leaves look "charred"

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  1. These babies have been in soil for one week now. Experienced some serious seedling stretch when they were in MG seed starter and solo cups. After four or five days, when I could afford it, I transferred into bigger pots and FFOF soil and I buried about half of the stems when transplanting to compensate for that stretch. I think there are some pics of the stretch in my thread in my sig. Anyway, plants look fine after the transplant. Except I noticed tonight on one of the plants, the underside of the two big leaves looks black. Almost like they have been charred or dusted with graphite. However, I guess it could be fine soil particles that the fan blew up on the bottom of the leaves, because I didn't try to rub it off, but I highly doubt it. And this is only on one of the plants. I'm attaching a pic but I don't know how well it will come through because I used my phone, don't have my camera right now. Other than this underside blackening, the plant looks fine. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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