UnderGroundGrow ahrr.. (ôÔ.)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stay_Hard, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Here is my growing area... I'll try to keep it secret because I dont want anybody to sneak around! Hope you all will be quiet about this.. ;)

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  2. LOL at you, that shit got busted a while ago it was on the news, there are previous posts about this same house. :bolt:
  3. u wish buddy...nice cop car in the driveway.. old news
  4. It is possible to have over 1000 flowers in blom at once... its cashflow is somewhere around 2.4 millions dollar/year... they stole their electricity from the gouverment for aprox 10-15 years! What a place to have =)

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  5. idiots shoulda used generators. The unusual energy consumption probably gave it away. Not only that, the hatch should be inside the house/basement, not in the fucking backyard.

    They're good as dead so...pass the Darwin Award...
  6. sorry to say but if they kept that shit going for 10-15 years they defiantly dont deserve a Darwin award. Jesus, that is the dopest grow ive ever seen.

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