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  1. 3 bucket set up one res 2 grow site do I add enough nuts for res size 5 gl or for all 3

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  2. depending on size of plants .
    small plant mix 1/3 to 1/2 dosage per total amount of water in your system
    larger plants mix 75% of max dosage
  3. why not have every plant in its own system ?
  4. how do you mean and just do a dwc
  5. Add enough nutes for all 3 buckets, but make sure the nutes are added where the water is.
    For example, if it's a big storage reservoir that holds enough for both the other buckets, you can mix everything in the storage res.
    If the storage res isn't big enough to hold the water for the other 2, then prepare the buckets independently.
  6. also tramsplamtimg y plants from soil to the hydro buckets I have had 0 luck when it ces to cloning
  7. not me I have transplant 2 ft tall plants from soil to hydro ,

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