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    Hi Guys,

    This will be my first hydro grow so i'm pretty excited.

    RDWC system is the undercurrent 8XL. with a 100L top up resiviour.and support stands

    Grow media is Canna expanded clay balls intend to grow with bare roots. Have Germinated a few seeds in the TurboKlone and have a few cuttings in there what ever is rooting the best in the next week is what ill be growing

    Lights used are Black Dog Phytomax-2 600W & x2 HPS 600W lights from Gravita ..... Was to poor to buy x2 Black dogs but this should suffice for the first grow and depending on results may purchase another one and sell the HPS lights

    Given that 600W blackdog is similar to 1000W HPS this should exceed the recommended output from Current culture have configured it so the HPS is on the outside and black dog is in the middle design looks like this
    They are hung on a custom welded frame as below with the lights centered between every 2 rows of plants on an adjustable rachet

    Room is 11.5FT x 6FT. I welded a frame with plywood on the inside and sheet steel on the outside and insulated material in-between. The interior of all the walls are covered in MYLAR attached via a staple gun. I did make the mistake of using liquid nails but corrected it : ) . Flooring is concrete base to act as a heat sink and for ease of clean up

    Fan purchased is the Phresh Silenced Stealth Hyper Fan 710CFM which is larger than what i need for the room + Phresh Carbon Filter 2000mm x 1000mm which i think in hind sight is to big when i do replace down the track will reduce in size + Hyper Climate Control Duel Fan to assist in automatically managing temp to certain amount

    Nute used is all current culture i figure these guys built the system they would offer the best overall means to feed the plants. Will be following the Nutes calculator on their website

    PPM & PH is monitored and automatically adjusted with a bluelabs pro controller and Peripod L3 this is sync up to the laptop so that i get round the clock access without having to go in the grow room all the time

    The plan was to have this set up so there is minimal human error and any changes were automatically accounted for and corrected with the bluelabs set up.

    Have thought about running a water chiller but temps at the moment are 61F so should be Ok for now

    Lastly im using rainwater which is measureing 50 on the PPM 500 scale is this to high to start out with or will it be ok. Its free and from the sky we have a concrete tank so would prefer to use it

    Please let me know your thoughts and any changes i should make before transplanting : )

    Thank you
  2. Gonna be tight in there. I ran a 6 bucket UC (home made) system under 6K in a similar size room about 6 years ago and damn..was it ever too full in there.

    Get a chiller. It's too touchy and too risky to go without one. I know, I made the mistake of putting off such a purchase. I had 2 good runs and 2 catastrophic runs. It soured me enough I tore that bitch down and went back to soil. I guarantee that I'll never clean another bulkhead fitting again...LOL.

    good luck with the new system
  3. Pics or it never happened
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    Gotta love a smart ass....especially a noob smart ass. 2 grows, huh? LOL.

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  5. Rooms a little small to get full shot of the whole set up.....

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  6. If this is directed at me this is literally my second grow first was with soil in pots went well BUT looking to do LESS watering and management etc
  7. Hey Guys

    Just have a quick question about how much nutes to put in. Undercurrent says 32.5ML of A & B Nutes but also says 100 PPM. What if adding that much nutes exceeds the 100PPM ? Should i adjust for PPM or just put the advised dosage?

    Currently rainwater is 50PPM

    Thanks in advance .
  8. All good got in contact with undercurrent for anyone intrested or doesn't already know PPM of the water is included so in this instance i could only raise it another 50PPM approx 20ML of A&B rather and doseing it at the standard if my PPM is 0 using R/O water etc
  9. Nope..not directed your way, James. Sorry to infuse any negativity...but the "pics or it never happened" comment came before my coffee was done and it just hit me wrong.

    I'm guessing someone made a typo there. 100 ppms is damn near nothing. I think I ran my system at about 1000-1200 but it's all a blur now.

    Blows me away how fast some of you guys transition from a 1st grow in soil to a very involved set up like the UC... but it is what it is and I wish you well in your endeavor.
  10. No i actually took it as a compliment : )

    Hmmmm thats concerning thats literally what undercurrent recommend ?? Ill go back to them with my concerns at the moment im runnning it for a week empty just to make sure everything works fine not overloading the system . Adding in plain water and making sure the automatic dosing system works fine
    Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.53.34 pm.png
    I have always live by the old saying of buy once cry once but what made me kick it up a gear is after trying a buddies grow in hydro the yield and minimal effort forced me to reconsider growing in soil

    Pretty excited at the moment will transplant next week

    Just throwing it out there but do you think it would be possible to to take cutting on the last week of VEG put them in the turboKlone for 8 Weeks so when Plants A finish the flowering im ready to do with the clones from the turboKlone ?
  11. Clones G13 Haze and Girl Scout cookies are growing semi well Some seem to root quicker than others?? no idea why

    No rooting hormone used. Just made up solution as per undercurrent formula with Veg A&B and UC roots in hind sight will use it also would like to use General Hydro Rapid start

    The seedlings i germinated in the TurboKlone seems to be a little slow going ?? Durban poison maybe because its predominantly sativa?

    What do you guys think? how far away before i can transplant bare roots ?

    Light used is a 100W Mars-Reflector-48 LED

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  12. Clones take at the end of veg will likely be too large to put in the UC after 8 weeks...but I've never tried that approach to know for sure. Seems like you'd need 2 systems...one vegging...one flowering (?) because of the roots/etc. Either way...once you see what this will do...you will be scrambling for space and to keep it from simply jungling out your room.

    I never follow feed schedules/never used CC nutes or asked for advice...but that IS interesting those ppm's are that low in early veg. Hey...they are the "experts" I suppose.

    I built my system...so it was a great learning experience. In the end, the 2 failed runs/6 months of downtime... and the fact that the market changed (tanked) severely with "legalization" here... sent me back to soil and growing strictly for myself.

    Don't forego the chiller. You will pay bigly if you do. Been there, done that.

    best of luck
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