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    So scientists have done studies and have concluded that mmj can disrupt a child's mental growth and can cause problems for them later in life. (I don't believe it personally although I can see how it could happen.)

    How many of you were smoking before you were 16 and how did it effect you?
    If you plan to lie to skew my results, please do not comment. If you are under 18 right now, please do not comment.

    What better way to get results than asking a bunch of stoners. :p

    Thanks in advance for your replies, I really appreciate it. I know this is personal, but we are all mostly anonymous, so I thought it'd be okay. Sorry if I offended anyone.
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  2. funny thing about it, it doesn't require your belief to be true.
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  3. I started when I was 13 and it didn't effect me badly at all.
  4. First toked at 13, maybe 5 times a year since that...tbh I think it's BS like you said. That being said , toking everyday and at an even earlier age it may hinder growth.
  5. First started at 14, didnt effect me in anyway that i notice. I was around it a lot earlier than Smoking it and always loved the smell, i still do lol.

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  6. I first tried at 12 but didn't start smoking on a regular basis till about 15 or 16. Personally I'd think i was smarter than the average sober person in high school. I did really good on all the states test ig. But idk. I just think youre gonna grow up to be dumb or smart regardless of the outside factors.
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  7. The thing is, nobody would know from personal experience. Their personal experience would appear normal, regardless of what was happening to them. And like was already pointed out, facts don't need you to believe in them to be true. They're true regardless.
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  8. adolescence is a very crucial time in the brain's development, particularly in the frontal cortex. the brain is sensitive to substance use, not just marijuana, during this time. THC is psychoactive, so you do the math.

    i'm not sure what the data suggest, but i'm pretty sure it just increases the risk of adverse effects to the brain, not that it's a sure thing.

    like many others i smoked throughout high school on occasion. i have no idea how it affected me because i have nothing to compare it to. if i could go back and do it again i probably wouldn't start until i was an adult.
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  9. True, but fake science for government agendas could also be at play. Taking things you hear for fact and not questioning them really makes you lose the thinking for yourself aspect.
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    I guess I thought that people who smoked at an early age would have noticeable problems. That's how the study made it seem. But if you passed high school and can form sentences, then you're a cut above some normal people which seems contradictory to what was "Researched" No one calls you guys weird for something neurological or something you can't control? You can always tell you're different when you're called weird.
  11. I get called weird all the time.
    Boy are they going to look funny when I snap, huh?
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  12. I'm 19 now started at 14 and I couldn't concentrate as good when I was younger now I think it doesn't effect me as much. Also I don't smoke tons of weed just twice per week

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  13. Started smoking at 14, I turn 22 next month, been a daily toker off and on for 8 years, no breaks longer than 6 months, first started smoking heavily around 16 until now, first couple years was nothing for me to smoke an oz every two weeks, only failed one class the first semester, bitch gave me a 67, besides that graduated on time and was stonded when I got my diploma.

    At first I used to get so high off weed now I barley get passed a super chill state, to where I can do anything high and act like I'm my self, my mind has developed short memory problems however that runs in my family, I don't have black phylum, don't smoke cigs and only smoke blunts when it comes to tobacco. Cheers
  14. Snap what
  15. graduating high school is NOT a good barometer for determining whether or not a substance has affected brain development. at all.

    if you linked us to the study you're talking about we could read it ourselves and make our own determinations as to its veracity
  16. Its no secret that marijuana does affect the brain, but by association, also the life styles we live. I am a firm proponent of discipline; I believe discipline is the key to success and many others would agree with me. STAYING disciplined is easy, but BECOMING disciplined is significantly harder and for a young person, i would say near impossible, if they are smoking weed. The THC screws up their value system; they begin to value being high over doing their discipline routines.

    If you disagree, take a read through a book called "How to think and grow rich." The book itself is so informative and popular that it is actually free online. Its an incredible read and will change your life; as will being disciplined.
  17. Started in 6th grade, daily pretty much. Stopped a few times in my adult life, I'm now a parent and will do every thing in my power to keep my kids from smoking or drinking until they are 21 (as that's the law), but would be happier if I can get them to wait till 25, then I will burn with them when ever possible. It most definitely affected me in a bunch of ways, some good some bad. One can smoke and survive, but will one reach their potential smoking weed while younger, that is a case by case thing, but generally I would say no they won't.

  18. I'd like to see the study
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  19. I couldn't find the actual study, just reports of what the study supposedly demonstrates. I am not an expert in this area but upon reading the reports and seeing who funded it, you call tell it's biased as hell. But without seeing the actual study, I won't say much else.

    'marijuana abuse disorder'


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