Under Thunder

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. I adore this one!!!!! It's so different from your "hippy like" style that I've gotten used to........this is almost like looking at the dark side of someone's soul!!!!!!
  2. See, I'm not really a lost Hippy...I'm a Big Bad Pirate frum da Islands come ta scare little flowerkids and to bring Disco music to da NEXT generation HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Well at least the disco stuff worked Tee Hee!
    Reckon everybody gots a dark side but I try ta stay real far away frum mine.
    Da"Livin In DeLight"Captn

  3. Arie" Mon! Your "seer" is workin good my friend. All those images and more are represented by this "soul storm" thingum of mine. It's a brand new work and I'm so glad that ya'll like it. I'll do a print and see what it looks like and maybe put this un on somethin!
    Da"I Need All Da Encouragement I Can Get"Captn

  4. Absolutely breath taken.

    Critter, I felt the exact same thing on the first one my friend!
  5. .....AND Breathe....Thanks Mon fur da nice reply! This is a new one and it debued here! I'm happy ya likes it.
    Da"You da REAL BudMon"Captn
  6. I am the real Bud mon!

    I got my new computer about two hours ago.. On the old puter the e didn't work all the time. This computer is set up with 2 gigs and extras out the ass. I know i am going to like it. Fastest computer that i've been on with 56k dial up!

    I will have to get used to the key board though. It's a little different than the old one! LOL

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