Under the Dome

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    As he approached the Science Lab, the smell became overpowering. Dr. Somadose was working on some kind of extraction apparatus. There were boxes full of plant material strewn among the lab benches, some of it vaguely familiar. The Counselor futilely tried to wave away the smell with his hand.

    "Hey Doc, I thought you said shamanism was something best practiced outside."

    "I know the odor is offensive my boy, but I had to process this batch of tea before the Church of the Universe meeting tonight. You know how literal minded some of those people can be. What did you think of that last lot, by the way?"

    "As soon as I can dis-entangle my brain from the control panel of that saucer up there, I'll let you know. I think you need to lighten up on the Chliponga a little."

    Dr. Somadose looked thoughtful.

    "It could be...It could be. Say, I have an idea. Let's hold the service under the Dome this time."

    "You think they're ready for that?"

    "The self-dribbling elf-machine entities seem to think they are."

    "You have a vocation?"

    "I hope so...I hope so."

    "That's far out, man."

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