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  1. SO I was wondering, how many of you blades here don't fit into the stoner stereotype, and are generally seen as ordinary guys in the eye of the public? I'm sure there are plenty here, I'm one of them for sure.

    Ordinary t-shirt, regular fit jeans, no tattoos, short buzzed hair, no earrings or chains. Rarely am I associated with the stoner culture until people get to know me.

    Who here fits that class?
  2. 64, dumpy-looking housewife with long, dark, straight hair tied back, usually in a t shirt and slacks in summer, sweater and sweat pants in the winter. Most folks don't look at me twice! And a stoner?

    Never judge a book by its cover! lol!

  3. I have tats and wear chucks but don't really look like a stoner. A lot of people assume I smoke because I'm black and others are surprised I smoke at all, ha.
  4. I never knew tattoos were associated with smoking weed. I've seen more people with tats that don't smoke then those who do.

    Even before I started smoking, back in highschool I was accused of being baked because of my eyes.

    T-shirt, fitted jeans or shorts, usually skate shoes.
  5. I rock tommyhills and ralph polos and usually jeans with any pair on nikes.
    I basically look like a college student ( which i am ) but i give off no real indications i smoke. but shit, everyone smokes.
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    Yeah I just assumed tats were a sign of being a carnie. :)

  7. ink on younger people i associated more with the straight edge kids from around here. like that fuck shit up clique. i dont know many people with tatoos though. but tats usually=drinkin or drug use...or yakuza
  8. I don't think I do much, but I have had people be both surprised and not that I smoke weed regularly. My general avarage day description is no tats or piercings or many extras at all really. I am usually wearing shorts and a T-shirt and converse, with the occasional jeans (not skinny) short hair with a hat here and there.
  9. eh. im extremely weird.

    smoke everyday after work, while cooking supper and after eating, during deserts and after cuddling
  10. ^so..., is that you?^

  11. people always seem to assume i toke..can't blame em' they're right
    i fit in the stereotype still now i guess, but i used to look like a much bigger stoner
    because i was a bigger metalhead then and had longass hair(skinhead bald now)
    you never have to ask a long haired dude in a cannabis corpse tee if he blazes the sweet leaf
  12. If you let yourself fall victim to a sterotype you become an uninteresting hack. Keep it fresh and interesting, as well as individual.
  13. Back when I smoked I didn't look like a toker.

    Short hair
    Pants that fit
    No "hippy" t-shirts
    Never got big into DMB, the Dead, etc.
    Science major

    Overall I was a pretty "normal" looking dude. If you saw me walking around campus you wouldn't give me a second look, which is what I was going for.
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    Lol well I got my tattoos when I was in the military. There's tons of oldschool army with their wings tattooed on them, nicknames, battalion and much more. There's loads of scene kids in my town with skulls, roses, and black/broken hearts.

    I've seen tattoos that people have gotten in memory of people. Some straightedge kids I know have tattoos of their birth sign.

    I really don't understand how tattoo=smoking weed.
  15. Most of mine are of a religious significance, and latin text...

    Its just people's misconceptions about them. However, this generation seems more open to the idea of tattoos than any that have gone before, I reckon.

    I have my hair slightly longer than is normal, usually. That, however, is to compensate for the probability that I won't have it when I am older. Damned male pattern baldness :mad:

    I don't know whether I would fit into a stoner catagory; probably, but I'm sure there are people far more worthy of being called it than me.
  16. justin long in idiocracy: why dont you have a tattoo man

  17. Ummm...sorry, don't get the reference. :confused:
  18. I got four tattoos, I'm always clean shaven, my jeans fit me just right and I wear a lot of button ups and sweaters if it's not extremely hot.

  19. I wear skater clothes, but I also wear my Jewish garments (prayer shawl and fringes) underneath and a kippah (skull cap). I definitely don't look like a stoner.
  20. I've always been told I look like a hockey player, I don't do sports but i'm fit, and i have long, curly black hair. I've been told that I dress like a hipster, bro, and skater

    :/ Whatever this all means

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