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Uncomfortable feeling in the chest.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mono15591, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. After I smoke I always get really fidgety. Like a lot.

    You know when you see something painful and you get that feeling that shoots through you body? Well thats what this feels like except in waves and only with my chest. A lot of it feels like it goes through my heart and some of the it feels like it is in the lungs. it usually happens only after smoking quite a bit but lately it's been happening with less and less weed half a bowl.

    Nothing I can't handle when I'm able to reason properly but when I'm too far gone I get scared that my heart or lungs will explode.

    Any idea to what is happening?
  2. probably just mucus or some nasty shit from the smoke, happens to me sometimes after smoking heavily.

    I recommend

    - Daily, if not, weekly cardiovascular exercises. Swimming, running, biking, shadow boxing, whatever, anything that will raise your heart rate for at least 20 minutes, this will combat smokers lung and its just fuckin healthy

    - Invest in a vaporizer, there are many types around the 100-150$ range that are well worth the money. Easy on the lungs, the vapor holds no tar or carcinogens, and the bud tastes great

    - make edibles. Firecrackers are very very easy to make and do not stink up your kitchen. They last for a long time, obviously depending on how much you eat, but i always found myself wanting to smoke even after a large dose of edibles, i dunno why it feels incomplete to me.

    i felt like that a couple days ago actually, i literally ate an entire box of fruity pebbles after smoking a lot, my chest felt like you explained but i went for a run had a hot shower and felt fine. But no joke my shit was blue!
  3. Happens to me too. Usually from coughing so much, and the hot smoke.
  4. You should probably take this pretty seriously... Weed does affect bloodflow, including to the brain, and if you're predisposed to stroke or heart attack or anything like that, you might be putting yourself at a greater risk by smoking.

    If you know someone with a vape, you could try that and see if it fixes things... then you could probably blame it on irritation of the lungs.

    Could also be self-reinforcing paranoia. You worry about it, and being high makes your brain go "omg wut if i'm dieng omg :S", and as it keeps happening, the paranoia gets worse. I used to sometimes worry that I had shit myself (i know lol) because I'd just sit down and feel so relaxed... I never really had, of course, but highness can mean tingly/weird body sensations. My legs twitch sometimes if I'm really baked.

    But definitely ask your doctor about it next time you see him, and if you have any heart issues or a family history of them, you might want to consider smoking only very sparingly or not at all.

    Here's hoping it's nothing man, and really that is the most likely scenario. Smoke with chill friends and distract yourself and see if it still happens, maybe it's just unchecked paranoia.

  5. lol i had that the first time i got high is was awesome. the best way to describe the feeling is if your on a roller coaster and your going down. that what it feels like to me
  6. #6 One Truth, Apr 23, 2010
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    dam I had this, I haven't been working out at all and been smoking way too much, luckily my magic flight came in the mail today!

    and this
    Also you should check with your doctor for an EKG and what not just to be sure. Like I did, also if you have asthma that is a cause
  7. #7 Samanthamudgirl, Apr 24, 2010
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    Or it could be the beginnings of panic attacks. Since it is happening with less and less weed it is even more of a possibility. I had panic attacks that were really mild and my doctor sent me to a cardiologist and my tests came back clean. Then I was diagnosed with asthma, but the inhaler stopped working. But after all it was very mild panic attacks that got way crazy on me later. What you described was certainly how I felt until they got bad. Just relax and don't pay attention to it. It'll go away. Because you are paying attention to them they are starting up when you are less and less high. And weed doesn't give beople heart attacks and strokes that is BS. Just checkout Granny Storm Crows list in the stickies in the MMJ forum and you'll see it helps those things.


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