Uncle Tom

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  1. I'm not sure if this counts as art. I would say i definitely poured my soul into it, but here goes. This is my rap about Uncle Toms cabin that I decided to write, I wont bother to write the chorus and its still a work in progress, enjoy.

    Harriet Stowe's book was the bomb,
    about a slave named Uncle Tom.
    He lived a nice life, but when his owner got poor,
    Tom and harry got sold to the debtor next door.
    The debtor then sold them to the St. Claire's
    where Tom met Eva, so Christian and fair
    She was a nice Girl, and when she died
    She decided that racism all was a lie
    Now mr. st. Clair distrout and Distressed
    unto Tom a new thought did impress
    that when St. Clair died Tom would be free
    But Soon he was sold to Simon Legree
    Simon Legree Simon Legree
    sold cotton in town for a nominal fee
    beat all of his slaves and ate kitten kidneys
    probably, he was that mean.
    Simon legree Simon legree
    All of his slaves decided to leave
    except for Tom, he continued to toil
    and pretty soon, shed his mortal coil
    There was stuff on a boat, Homie look
    I never really bothered to finish this book

    this was just the product of being bored in English class. Tell me what you think:D
  2. i guess my rap careers off to a slow start:rolleyes:
  3. In georgia calling someone a Uncle Tom is worse that the N word. Probably why
  4. they are still struggling to rise from poverty.

  5. whoa really? what do people do when they want to talk about the book?

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