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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. BPP!, I closed out this thread because of the direction it was heading. After a couple of requests I am starting a new thread to reintroduce Uncle John's idea about spreading seeds across the country to reintroduce MJ back as a naturally occuring wildflower.

    Can it work, will it work?

    My question to the original thread is this: What strain would be most adaptable to being reintroduced to the wild? What qualities would a strain need to be able to survive and thrive on its own in the wild? From what I know in landscaping, the most common problem for getting plants to thrive is planting them in the right living conditions. What was the ecosystem that original wild MJ thrived in before the National Guard was released on it?
  2. i'm looking for strains of plants that are good in low light levels. I read C99 can produce good bud in low light so i want to start a mother of that. I sent out a order i should be gettin soon. I want plants for lower light for outdoors, i want to plant in shady areas where choppers can't see.

    Well its going to depend were you live what plants will be good for your outdoors. You have better chances of getting weed to grow everywere in california than in new york. If marijuana grows wild it will turn into hemp, right?
  3. or u could always try in ur garden in diffenent conditions to others like say one down the bottom of the garden where there is hardly any light, one up the top where there is light but not much water hits, or maybe plants grow better when they are in bunches instesd of by themselves i dont know but i do know that if i were a plant by myself i wouldnt be to happy and would be down, but if i were with friends i would be happy and would hold my head high well thats just me, so hopfully u can monitor the pants and if the poor condition plant grows to be good it maybe worth while putting the plant with a female or male which ever the poor one is and grow the dominant seed and soe that seed in poor conditions and maybe just maybe it will grow much better and faster than the other one did, sort of survival of the fitest and evolution, well its only a thought, let me know ur veiws, thanx :)
  4. I've got a north american guide to wildflowers that has a listing for marijuana as a natural wildflower. Sativa strain, but which sativa can you buy that will do best and reproduce on its own if reintroduced to the wild. Instead of endless miles of privet and kudzu in the South, wouldn't it be nice to have some MJ. But then all you damn snowbirds would never go back home!
  5. i know a shop in my town and they have got a canny few books and things on cannabis plants plus other weed plants and stuff maybe i will invest in a couple of them see if i can get any clues or info on this wild growin if i find anything ill post it a.s.a.p, until then keep thinkin

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