Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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    So glad I got me a PS4! This is going to be the Game of the Year. The game currently has a 94 on Metacritic (73 reviews): Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Here's the trailer as well, for those who have been living under a rock:

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    This is the only game I pre ordered after a long time

    I am so eager for the release date
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  3. Is uncharted a series you can pick up and play at #4? Or will I be confused about storyline and whatnot?

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  4. You will probably be quite confused, to be honest. They packed a lot of story into the first three games. I'd suggest playing through them all in a week or two (they are probably like 12-14 hours each, depending on your skill level) and then play 4.
  5. Gamespot had a great video review of the game with very minimal spoilers (just descriptions of characters and things to do in the game): Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review
  6. I have a ps3 as well so maybe I'll pick em up and giver a go. Thanks blunt

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  7. If you have PS4 just buy the Uncharted: Nathan Drake collection. Has all three games (improved graphics) for $60. Good luck bro.
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  8. Oh sweet. Even better! Kinda like playing the ps3 once in a while but might as well get em all for the ps4. Can stream that way too. Thanks sir

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  9. Or if you live near a red box and you wanna rush you can beat each uncharted game in like 8 hours or less

    Cost me 9 bucks to beat the collection from red box lol
  10. I didn't even know Redbox had games haha. We will all have to get on MP eventually. I'm definitely playing story mode first though.
  11. I won't be playing 4 for a while probably. I don't really game much in summer and doom is the next title im going to grab

    But I want it lol. Might red box it rather than buy it since I can't justify the price for how short 1-3 were
  12. Fair, but I think 4 is the longest of them all. I read 17 hours on a Kotaku review. 1-3 were probably like 12 hours.
  13. Yea I beat the first in 6 hours just trying to get through the plot lol.

    When the games are heavily plot related I like to try and smash through it all so I don't forget and in summer I never get long periods of time to get such things done
  14. I will play it eventually. I still need to go back and beat a few games plus Fallout 4 dlc and new Witcher 3 dlc drop soon. and im still playing the fuck out of DS3.
  15. This game is amazing!! Graphics are out of this world!
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  16. this game is nuts. loving the story so far.
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  17. looks bad ass! i've only played the 1st and 2nd ones and loved them both
  18. I will try this one out. The 3rd one was so bad though.

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  19. Sony entertainment...so it's only for ps4 I assume? Meh. I may never get a chance.

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