(un) Official meet a friend thread.

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  1. I decided to make a thread to help people meet some friends in the community, especially newer users such as myself. The basic idea is give a few details about your self such as what you do for fun, favorite movies, etc. to help you meet new people you can relate to. I hope this works:smoke: Ill go first.

    What i do for fun: Listen to music, study various things that interest me such as botany, drugs and chemicals, and music theory, and of course smoke bud.

    Favorite band/artist: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones and other classic bands

    Favorite movie: I fuckin love Dazed and Confused

    Favorite show: American Dad or Futurama

    Hopefully this works and helps people meet some new buddies, what do you think blades, good idea?
  2. Greetings friend, I hope you enjoy your stay here. :wave:

    Favorite band/artist: Tool, APC, RATGM, Zeppelin, NIN, Nirvana, Deftones, Van Halen, Incubus, along with many, many others.

    Favorite movie: Hard to say, I haven't been watching any movies lately.

    Favorite show: I don't watch TV but if I do, it's usually a discover/history/natgeo channel

  3. this feels like the first day of school....conformist.
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    You gotta get up if you wanna get down.

    My motto. The only thing I'd like to share :)
  5. Nice choose of music Parable, by the way those were just sample things, would be cool if people could do other things such what their philosophy on life is, lol idk just something for people to relate to:)
  6. i'm new as well, yo everyone

    favorite music: ofwgkta, wiz khalifa, sam adams..seems like a lot of rap, but i enjoy everything

    favorite movie: anything tarantino, my favorite is Pulp Fiction

    favorite tv shows: the office + entourage

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