UN-Decarbed tincture for Parkinson's ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by snappahead, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just a quick back story... We have been using eatables and tinctures to help with the symptoms of Parkinson's on my father for about a year now with very good success. Here in Oregon we are allowed 4 plants per household so basically we have an over abundance of Pot. So with that in mind..

    Has anyone made a tincture from UN-Decarbed cannabis? It seems to me there might be something in there that gets converted or destroyed by the heat that may be of help. I was thinking of making up a batch to try raw and also mixed with decarbed.

    I don't think I have seen any studies using raw cannabis??
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  2. You need to decarb to make the edible lol if you don't decarb you'll be wasteing your weed
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  3. That is an excellent idea.
    Undecarbed thc-a has useful medicinal properties, without getting you high.
    I have seen presentations (but can't provide a link) about its health benefits.
    My wife takes a raw tincture + cbd oil pill every day.
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  4. I do remember a poster that mentioned they tried exactly that, using THCA abundant tincture to treat some things in the daytime without the added extra psychoactivity.

    There was even another poster recently who was mentioning juicing and eating the raw green herb so there are some with more experience and I hope they chime in!
  5. Just a quick update, I started a 190 proof tincture and it should be ready in a day or so.

    1/3 Cannatonic 50/50 CBD/THC
    1/3 Harlequin 4 80/20
    1/3 Wonder Dawg 20/80

    I did some reading and some articles allude to the fact that cannabis naturally converts with time and age. No specifics where really given tho.
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  6. THCA will convert to THC over the course of 4 months for a full decarb at room temperature. Place your tincture in the refrigerator when it's made to inhibit that. :)
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  7. Thanks for the info, the cannabis is about 8 months old now. He tried some today and it seemed to be very uplifting with out the dizzy / stumbling side effects he sometimes gets. Overall it seems to be milder and great for morning use.

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