Un-branded ballast can someone help me

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  1. whats up people i bought a ballast and it says this on it was just wondering can i put these watt bulbs in it i have a 400w running now feed back would be much appricated


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  2. I'm sorry man your question is not too clear. I'm guessing it's a switchable ballast. As long as you have the watt setting to match the bulb watts you should be just fine. Again, didn't totally understand what you're asking.
  3. sorry thats what it basically has on my ballast no name or anything was just wondering the way it says 250w mh/hps 400w mh/hps etc could i buy a 250w bulb or 600w or mh in bought would they work in the ballast ? its not a dimmable 1 and from what i can tell its pretty old they date on the tag says 28-1-03 when it was made if that helps ?
  4. That I do not know man, with all those different watts I'd think you could use different bulbs but you say it isn't dimmable which makes me wonder why it's like that lol. I'm honestly not sure fellow blade. Sorry man, wish I could help. Best of luck though
  5. cheers man i was told to open it up i will get me answer then 
  6. Forget the plate, what did you buy? Digital or magnetic? Advertised rating? Post a pic of the ballast.
  7. Take a pic of the whole ballast for us.

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  8. does that help man ?

    there now andy

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    I don't think its dimable but it should at least be switchable between hps/mh. Is there ANY switches or buttons.

    It looks like this label is universal and you have a 400w version (writing in 400w square of wattage options)
  10. no man no button nothing runs sweet dosent even buzz preety quiet and from what i can tell the tag says it was made in 2003 so im guessing its old its not a problem i was just wondering because id like to buy a mh bulb for vegging after im done the grow im doing i might bring the ballast to my grow shop and ask them to have a look at it
  11. I am pretty sure you cannot use a higher rated bulb than 400w with that ballast. I do not know if you could use a 250 watt bulb though. If you take the cover off, you will see the actual ballast and it will tell you the wattage it is meant for.
    I found a similar question to yours on another forum, but am not clear on the rules of linking to another site on here.
    So, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=power+plant+horticultural+lighting+ballast use that link and go to the first link on RIU site, titled "is my ballast lying to me"
    Hope this helps.
    I agree with this.
  13. OK, so if you open it up, it will most likely include an ignitor, which would make it HPS BUT you can disconnect the ignitor and you have a MH ballast. Maybe if you open it and find some kind of switching mechanism attached to the ignitor then maybe... or if its electronic... IDK much about electronic ballasts, maybe they can switch automatically?
  14. thanks for the feed back lads when lights go of im gonna open it up and take a pic

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