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um uh..ha idk

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jfresh420, May 10, 2010.

  1. but just had a awesome thought..first of all,do any of you just not get fucked up ne more? ok well i thought about getting some salvia and mixing it with my herb and havin a fun ass time haha..maybe some others have done this!? if so lemme know bc i wanna do it but just dont feel like spending money on it:eek:
  2. NOOOOOOOO dude trust me thats not the greatest of ideas. Salvia & MJ are basically like opposites... MJ is a long slow, chilling high.... Salvia is a very short, FAST, trip (not high)... mixing the two can cause an irregular heart beat and idk bro i dont know if id do it..

    But salvia by itself is pretty fuckingggg awesome... (under the right circumstances):hello:
  3. Damn this is the second time i saw a post like this in 2 days.

    No dont do it. its a huge waste. Salvia lasts like 5-10 minutes and its a really strong hallucinagen. Dont underestimate it. Its not someting to do just to get higher. Perosnally its taken me to 3 different worlds, on 3 different trips.

    Mixing a little slvia with some buds is just a waste. For 10x it was 20 a g, so to waste some and not completely trip is a huge waste.

    Here are my salvia trips, well atlest 3 of them. Just read these before you decide to do it.

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