um how does peeing feel when ur stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by tipsy, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. ok lol this thread kinda has to do with masterbating when ur high. And i use periods now in my threds. YAY ok so has anyone noticed it feels werid as shit when u piss when ur stoned off ur ass it is wana the weriest feelings ive experienced... havent experiened pooping and dont think i want to for some reason weed makes me not have to poop

    yes i know im a sick fuckk tell me wut u think :smoking:
  2. I think taking a piss while high is a feeling reserved for kings alone.
  3. Haha, I don't think I'd have the dexterity to pee into the toilet when I'm stoned.
  4. it feels really good to pee when your stoned
    the feeling of a empty bladder is great

    the part i dont like is flushing the toilet, that part is wierd
  5. Lol umm i think peeing feels normal to me when i am stoned... hmmm

    but i know when you gotta pee real bad it feels REALLY good lol

    Have you guys ever had when your stoned and it really feels like you peed your pants but you really didnt?? and you get all worried lol??

  6. sometimes, i feel like i hafta pee ,but when i got to pee, i just stand there and nufin comes out haha. wierd
  7. also, if u shit , it will come haha

  8. Yes, and i don't know why this happens, it always seem to happen to me when i am high riding. But yeah when i really have to pee and i'm high its such a release, afterwards i'm just like ahhhhhhhhhhhh :)
  9. dude whatsup with these weird ass threads lol...HOW DOES SHITTING FEEL WHEN UR STONED????!!!!
  10. i love peein when im high! its so great. its like climaxxin without the hassle of masterbatin
  11. bwahahahaha
  12. You're all diseased :D
  13. Umm for the one that said that sometimes they feel like they really have to pee but nothing comes out you should talk to you doctor about it you prolly have a urinary tract infection. I read about it in my Seventeen magazine... lol ya

    They say lotsa people get it no need to be embarrased.. ;) lol

  14. LMAO!!!!!!!!

    it feels good, what can i say.

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