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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sureal, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. introduce yourself? ok sure if you want to read it i will write it.

    I am 20 living at my parents home. its sucks but the food is good and cheap rent.

    I just found the forum 2 nite. I play some guitar (who doesent?) i like violin but i can only play a few scales. (harmonic minor) I gained my fame during high school when i sat on my car and played my violin 4 my girlfreind. Damn i hated her i wastested myselft with that @#$@%. I find girls that dress "shiny" attractive. i dress odd myself. ok this is bullshit.

    I am a week, meek, open yet closed minded small (5.4) male. Italian in blood. I am unemployed. I failed 5 community colege classes. I can;'t get a grip. I even stoped smoking for 6 months during school but it made things worse. I feel that i worthless, i have no voice, i am quiet and shy and timid. I am a romantic. i love to invite pretty girls to candle lit dinners but i can only make mac & cheez. lol They last girlfreind i had told me i am too serious. thats was a lie. i have a bleek outlook / attitude. When i was younger i would get angery with myself adn well some of you know. I got "High" when i was 14. did even really know waht it was that i was smoking, I grown a little. had to stop in fear of my parents. My talest plant foot and half. it was my baby. i rigged up auto watering device.

    i fail at most things i do. for 20 i still feal 15. the coolest thing i do is contruct water cooled computers in plexiglass cases. it might be in the www i dont rememver.

    my idols are Dali, Charlie Chaplin, and Hitler.

    most poeple complety flip whn i say that i find Hitler a "great" man. well he was. how many men controlled/dictated a whole empire? His empire was the largest mankind has seen in a very long time. 68 million entranced by is orating skillz. if one day i could break out of my shell and be as great.

    I have this urge to scream and do somthing. i just don't know what i wnat to do. i struggle. but hey mybee its my bleek aditude and i need to glue a smile on my face. but the smell of glue give me a headache. doh
  2. Welcome to the city. Maybe one of these days you will find yourself. Enjoy the city.
  3. Hitler was a GENIOUS
    just had his thought directed in the wrong ways.

    btw welcome :D
  4. Welcome to the city :D
  5. Hempress, wheres the welcoming basket? lol :D
  6. shit dude... more than 50% of what you said coulda been me!

    as for the hitler thing... ok he was a great man and amassed an empire in a very short time, but he also lost it really quick and his ideals were all fucked up. having global unity is a great vision, but to do it by the slaughter of all those that are different is just a little bit genocidal and unsustainable and correct me if i'm wrong but i think that could be an infringement of human rights. the british (victorian) empire was the biggest ever actually and that wasn't even half a century before. personallly i'm against having dictators as idols.

    dali... yep. bees flying around pomygranits and spindle legged elephants. beautifully captured skies. duality of image. raphaelesq head exploding. but whatever you do just don't mention that fucking lobster telephone thing to me ever.

    find a voice in your artwork... you have the makings of an artist.
  7. lol, right here :D
  8. thx for the basket. HItler thought he could defeat britin in such a short while i put off his secret weapons programs. the nuclear weapons, V2, and his jets. but Japan scewed him REAL bad. Germany declared war on the US because he thougth Japan was goinf to declare war on russia. that would of been NUTZ 4 main fronts. well gota hand it to those human beings they sure like to kill each other over which end of the egg to break.

    thx 4 the welcom
  9. Welcome to the City! I don't think we all ever truly find ourselves. Life's a journey, not a destination!

    Enjoy the City!!!
  10. wooooohoo i like how you think ![​IMG] welcome to the city.

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