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  1. My states laws and attitudes on marijuana are insane, seriously we are one of the toughest states on it, so its critical to me to be stealth.

    My own stealth setup is pretty unique and very stealthy-although I don't mean to brag, but I don't really want to give it away exactly but if you are super duper manbearpig serial curious just shoot me a message and I'll tell you aboot it.

    Anways I suggest reading michael connor's How to Hide Anything, which will give you enough information to hide an entire grow room of virtually any size you could manage to build, and how to hide pretty much everything else.

    Basically for stealth growing you need to consider some key points.

    The biggest mistake I always hear is that people get caught-usually by parents, friends, etc, because there is an electrical cord coming out of something that does not need electricity. Find something that has a fair amount of space inside that an electrical cord would come out of, open it, and put an extension cord inside.

    Light of course is another big deal, if you can find something like a tv that wouldn't attract that much attention if it had light in it all the better, but even then try to use insulation (like the walmart stuff for weathering windows and doors), and looking into dark room supplies at photography stores is really where you should find the best stuff.

    If you have a big grow, heat issues, noise issues from ballasts and so forth, look into l.e.d. lights, I know they are controversial but I personally have seen great results, and in my opinion a purple light coming out of some electronic thing is not as much of a give-away as a bright ass hps light.

    smell of course is a big issue, and if you haven't heard of ozone, look into it. That stuff really is amazing, I have a small ozone generator I got on eBay for $20 and after smoking a pack of cigarettes, a fat cigar, and a couple bowls between friends, it completely cleared the room in aboot 15min with no windows open. Carbon filters and possibly a backup ozone generator are also a good idea.

    Noise is big, if you are thinking of hydro, know that it will make some noise, maybe you can minimize it till its not that noticeable, but that doesn't mean its stealth enough to pass a search. ozone generators make a lot of noise, so consider having a way to quickly shut it off or have a damn good excuse for it or just some sort of plan.

    Be able to get in and oot of your box quickly-I was caught by my mom when I lived in her house still because I had to leave in a hurry and couldn't screw up my box in time. Look into hinges and locks that can be placed under a stealth door using something out of the ordinary such as an entire side panel rather than an obvious cut out section of that panel.

    My friend (actually more of my friend's friend lol) works at the court house and sees a lot of cases of busted grows, and a bunch of them have to do with people who grow in refrigerators, cabinets, etc because when they get searched the cops try to open it and either find it quickly, or can't open it and find it suspicious. Try to use something that usually is not opened like a tv, water heater, computer, etc.

    put it in a normal looking spot in a normal looking way, ie if your whole room is a mess but there's a tv sitting in the middle of the room with nutes, spray bottles, etc around it and an obviously frequented spot, then that's pretty suspicious, try putting it where you would, although still keeping quick access, and maybe throw some clothes around it or something to blend it into the surroundings.

    Lastly I suggest growing some cover plants, I have apricotes, tomatoes, something I don't even know the name of, and I'm starting some bonsai trees. These will be your cover for any supplies found, and I think using a hydro system for these would probably be more of an excuse for having nutes and the sort, BUT if you are some dude with dreads, shroom posters, bongs everywhere, etc, then this would be a worsening factor.

    Basically think about what you would look for if you searched your room, I have a few really cool friends I actually trust enough to show them my grow (still risky), and I had them try to find my grow, but they could not after hours of searching. Try to make it blend in and use things that probably won't be searched-I don't think refrigerators are a good idea since many people would search there straight away.

    If you are paranoid enough, try to keep your image up (the apartment owners, cops, etc always looked at me as if they knew I was a pothead, and many people called me a hippie or asked me if I could get weed without knowing me, then I cut my hair into more of a "jock" or business like haircut, and now people are much more accepting-I would've if I didn't want to, just felt like cutting it, and this was a major bonus), be friendly with neighbors, don't be too secretive, keep your apartment/house/room clean and smelling good, etc. For the ultra paranoid you could even go as far as to purposely compartmentalize your personality, and make a very nice, sociable, socially acceptable personality. I think that's pretty fucked up, especially since most people who do that are serial killers, child molesters, and the like ie ted bundy and jeffrey dahmer, and I suspect it could cause psychological problems.

    Really in the end you also need to calm yourself down, deal with your stress, not only because it will come out and make you more suspicious, but also because of your health. Stress literally will make you sick and will cut down on your lifespan. I personally am a buddhist so meditation calms me down, and I try to listen to more calming music as well, because I have anxiety problems with meds n appointments and all that. If you smoke I suggest trying e cigs rather than cigarettes, or even use an adaptable filter, and realize that smoking does not solve stress, it only masks it. Watch your caffeine intake as well, caffeine is a relative of cocaine, but is actually the STRONGER of the two, it is just in such tiny amounts that it is not as strong (if you purified caffeine as people do cocaine and did a line or even less, you would overdose. The entire consumed caffeine of the united states in a year, if in purified form, would fit in a shoe box-its not healthy stuff).

    I'm also going to write a stealth guide to buying seeds for all you paranoid noobs out there, and don't worry aboot it, don't be ashamed- everyone is nervous when they start oot, you just have to get the feel for things, not get lazy aboot things, watch ur stress, and finally enjoi your harvest!
  2. Good write up man. +rep

    I currently have a cardboard box(ghetto, i know) blending in, about 28" high, 27" wide and about 20"deep, in a storage room...With 3 plants. But I need to find a way to seal it, and ventilate. I think I might just construct a grow cab then throw some shit on top of it, then have the fans in the back...Plus I have a bunch of veggies for spring starting under fluoro's in the same room. Did I mention this is a nice write up? :)
  3. + rep bro nice script

    im curently working on a Stealth PC grow box set to start functioning in a few weeks just gotta get some extra cash for equip. i should b posting pics soon after ill keep a weekly log of my grow. check it out if youd like:)
  4. hey man thanks a lot for that guide

    really useful ideas

    i'm about to start my own first stealth grow and such and i'll take into consideration some otf the things you mentioned here

    really really looking forward to your next guide

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