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    I am not a "big" smoker, I hit it once or twice a week. Sometimes more or less. With a friend or two. I ended paying ~75$ every month summer time. Approx 300$ per summer. Last summer I paid 100$ after I bought my magic flight.

    With my new grinder, I can get the kief from the bud. I put the kief when I have a good quantity in wax paper. I fold it and put a hot pan on it. The pan should not be too hot. The kief turns dark brown when it melt and becomes solid. I store it that way. I can smoke it in a pipe or my magic flight. Sometimes I put some in a joint; very strong. If you heat and smoke it in the vape it turns like a powder (non-sticky). Very easy to put in a joint after you enjoyed all the flavors with the vape.

    The weed consumption is dramatically reduced with a vaporizer. The best part is that even the residue can be used to make VERY POTENT edible. I personally do not bother with cana-butter anymore. I found a much better way: simply dip it into oil (I use olive oil). The vaped bud is already decarb so no need to cook it or heat it!

    Every recipe online tells you to wait a very long time. I found out that even a short cooking time of 1hr was enough to get you fucked up with only three teaspoons of oil. It tastes bad but honestly the high is so good that I wouldn't cook it to hide the taste. It takes the regular time to hit but the effect comes faster in term of intensity and goes away faster also. Eating effect vary a lot but every time I've been satisfied. It's really easy to dose that way.

    With only ~4 grams of vaped material, I got very high maybe 10 times using oil. It's super simple to make, I just mix the vaped bud with enough oil to cover it (I added a bit more oil than that and left the whole thing rest for a night). It's important to use a glass container (covered) because you will heat it in a pan with some water. The water is needed to control the temperature. Ideally, the water should not boil. With my first experiment, 1hr was enough to make a very potent oil. My 2nd time I added even more oil and will heat for a longer period. Once the heating process is done, I simply use a coffee filter and wait. It takes a while but I don't know any better way to do it.
    The whole process takes 45mins of your time (minus the heating time) and should give you crazily strong oil for FREE.

    Note: do not mix water with the oil, just put the container in water. Be careful because when the water is boiling, some water might get in the container. It's best to cover the container to prevent moisture/condensation to mix with the oil.

    I still enjoy a good joint once in a while with friends but if you smoke alone or with your GF, it's possible to live months on a little weed stash. I've cut my weed consumption by a good 50% if not more that way. Vaping gets you less high but I like it that way. I got the oil and the kief when I want to get stoned. Oil is now my favorite way to enjoy M.

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