ultimate munchie (buy this now)

Discussion in 'General' started by carbinered, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    they are fucking amazing!!

    Good idea. I'm going to go get one of those tonight actually...
  3. that looks great.
  4. Omg i haz two haz one!!!!
  5. That is junk. Give me an all organic fruit blended smoothie any day...
  6. as i clicked on this i was think it cant be better than oreo mcflurry i am currently enjoying

    but low and behold(i think thats how you spell the low in that term) its almost the same thing oreos and ice cream

    needless to say i shat bricks
  7. I'm wet.
  8. i came in my shorts
  9. I usually buy reesees! :)
  10. fixed
  11. hahah yeah I used to love that shit though....

    oreo shakes from jack in the box *drools*

    only on occasion though
  12. i want to go to there
  13. i personally hate klondike, but this could be good
  14. im getting more right now
  15. what would you doooo for a klondike bar?
  16. god i love that line

    but seriously when did they start making these
  17. WWJD-For a Klondike bar?!

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