ultimate indoor grow - 2 lbs per plant!

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    check this guy out... twenty 1000 watt bulbs!

    legal grower for health canada, he said "Yes, all for free my friend. My wife and i do very well at our jobs so the bills for electric and nutes are not a big problem. I look at it like this, i get to grow some of the best pot in the world and it costs me 4000.00$ every 3 months to do it.... The best part is i get to help many people that need it but cant afford it. For the first time in my life i am a giver and not a taker !!"
    this is grow room porn if I ever seen it.

    Doubleds new 20 light medical garden
  2. My mouth is watering and some how my thumb seems a little less greener! Nice grow!!!!!:hello:
  3. Beautiful grow man. Those tops look massive and juicy. Good stuff.
  4. What a stand up guy growin that shit on his dime, that's what it should be about.
  5. wow that shit really does look like some of hte best pot in the world.
  6. im moving to canada
  7. i cant believe that guy grows it for free, and gives it away to all the medical patients... my hero haha
  8. I think its great but with those plants being so bushy would it not attract mould easily?
  9. thats what im talking about bro .....we need more people like you and me growing quality shit even if its going to set us back for a while......you dont know how many people here in spain just grow auto flor. strains and then sell it at 7€ a g. i sell my hawaiian snow and SLH to just friends and family for 5€ a g. yeah i make less money but who gives a shit.....if your not going to do something right and for the right reasons then why do it at all.

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