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    Hey guys,

    Some guys from the community have had the idea to make the ultimate thread for Twitter and social networking. There have been a few threads with moderate success, but this would be the ultimate one to contain as many GC forum posters as possible! During smoke sessions don't you feel more stimulated if you have other smokers to talk to about stuff that's happening!? Forums are great, yeah, but you can't always get good live discussion from a variety of other tokers like yourselves. Twitter is a great tool to build friendships and network with other members of the community, and perhaps even extend those friendships into life outside of GC as well! I'll try to put together a full list of GC related twitters to follow

    The basic rule is this:

    Follow the people who post ahead of you in the thread. This is a must.
    Show respect to other community members who interact with you, and follow them back if you aren't already!
    Link your twitter in an easy, accessible manner so that people won't pass by your post. Don't simply say 'in sig' or 'my twitter name is weedfan'

    Let's get this ball rolling!



    Some people who've posted, will try to update everyone if I have time, mods feel free to help if you want etc.

    edit: Copy pasting this from another Twitter thread. HUGE thanks to MLGBlitz for putting this together! Appreciate you helping out the community man <3
  2. Twitter is the worst idea in the history of humanity
  3. Wait............wha??
  4. Although exaggerated, yeah it sucks.

  5. ok so 2 ppl out of the thousands of GC members dont approve but i know im not the only one on GC who has a twitter =/
  6. I wish I could disagree with this but I can't.

  7. I like Twitter, I think it's fun. :wave: Lmao, my buddies make fun of me all time, dude, don't even worry bout it. Here's mine :)

    Panda. (sealegs) on Twitter
  8. Yeah, I totally agree. I use it a lot more than I use facebook, but I also post stupid stuff. Its kinda like whatever is on my mind.

  9. Twitter sucks, made grilled cheese for dinner, enjoyed.

  10. Me too, me too. I don't like Facebook much... I only use it for the chat function thingy to talk to my friends. Twitter's where it's at for meeee :smoke:
  11. Facebook just gets annoying, its the annoying thing that you hate but you still check it daily.
  12. Twitter is facebook without the drama imo

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