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  1. hey there, i'm looking into getting a new piece with a buddy of mine. neither of us are wanting anything other than the most highly diffused/perc'd piece our money can get us.

    i've done a whole lot of looking into what the best perc/diffuser would be, but there are quite a few i still have no experience with. never used SGW waffles/SG king/gridded stemlines, any kind of pillar percs, MAD percs, showercaps....and i think that's about it. from what i can tell these are some of the best designed percs and i have not even seen one in person. i have used Mobius's newer designs, but that's too pricey for what you're getting for us. they're nice though.

    now i'm only concerned with the parts of the bong, not additional pieces like ashcatchers. so if one is just looking for the most highly diffused pieces (without getting absurd with like quintuple 8 arm tress lol), and drag is not a huge issue (he's used to an old china triple 4 arm that's just over 3 feet tall), what do you guys think would be the best for this?

    i'm leaning towards the stemless SGW/SG waffles and stemlines since the stacking on those is just phenomenal. throw in a showerhead/inline ash catcher and that baby is smoooooth. but is something like the pillar (any kind, tree, peyote, pillar only) worth the price for the diffusion it can offer? something like an SG/W with a 6+ arm above that would be superb i would think.

    any connoisseurs have any advice for best diffusion in a piece? budget isn't too important as we're both pitching in for this harvest celebration piece, so anything is worth mentioning to look at.
  2. SGW waffle to lukewilson 10 arm tree
    SG stem 8
    luke wilson gridline
    Pillars are nice but very expensive
    the list goes on.
  3. theres a user here who has bought all of what are supposed to be the best pieces and he has settled with sovereignty.
    i cant offer any personal insight but i would take the advice of someone whos used more than one of them.
  4. i love my pillar, i sold my 7/13 toro to get it =)
  5. yeah, i dont think you could beat a pillar for a single perc.
  6. king stemline man. thats where its at.

    maybe think bubbler, there some bubs that diffuse like all hell.
  7. that's good to hear about the stemline. that's REALLY what we're leaning towards i think. reasonable price, awesome bubble stacks :D
  8. check out efs, they have a gridded stemline to gridded circ combo for under $300
  9. Yo, I understand that price is a concern, but if you can afford a stem/8... Preferably a 60/60/38 (? I think) stem/8, that is one of the smoothest rips I have ever had. The price is going to be around $500 AT BEST, retail who knows, maybe $700? BUT you did say you were looking for the best peculated tubes around, and SG is it, in my educated but humble opinion. Their work/design is soooo clean that it can allow for milk to roll smoothly through as oppose to some SGW, SYN, etc blah blah pieces I have seen. Although some on those SB dubble bub's or Luke Wilson 15 tree percs, etc type probably RIP as equally (I can not testify to that though). I personally have a SB 6 shooter tree that crushes but nothing like a multi chamber tube could.

    I recommend a SG stem/8
  10. Ohh good call from above abo..totally forgot about EFS. YEA check him out, grass roots venture, doing new things, making custom single and double micro tubes and bent necks. AND for a great price. He is doing gridded doughnuts that are a first I have seen. The water test videos looks sweet.
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    yo, price actually isn't really a concern, but thanks for just reinforcing positive views i already held towards SG, lefty! ;D

    i'm looking at picking this sucker up in about 2 months. like i said, a nice harvest gift for us :D maybe i can find some deals before/by then. if anyone wants to get rid of their SG stemlines, hit me up :)

    also, anyone have any opinions on DWB waffles vs SG/SGW or anything?
  12. i got a sovereignty and i love that shit
  13. you should pop into the dwb appreciation thread if you wanna know more about them, tooooooons of info.
    and more than just waffles.
  14. I've only hit the waffle out of those mentioned and it's amazing, I've also put my inline on the waffle and it is just crazy. Not a very expensive set up either, depending on what kind of inline you want.

    I really like the look of the sovereignty stemlines though, I'm just waiting to try one.
  15. Check out the Last 2010bc tall lowyrder tube on aqua lab the gridded top hat perc is nasty I have a smaller version of it I got when they had the 420 special going on and its the smoothest rip I've ever taken out of a bong
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRuiYb55I6w]YouTube - My Auto Bong by Hamm (closeup vid)[/ame]
    ^ultimate diffusion

    But probably not for sale.. Some guy posted here on the forums that he purchased it and he seemed to be very pleased with it hehe..

    What a stunning collection. All those pieces is what you're looking for.
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  18. mmmmmm yes, that is what he meant.
    grids galore! plus some sexy color work

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