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UK Weed pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by midzsmoka, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Eigth of some weed i just got - what u reckon? Gonna smoke some in a bit :bongin:

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  2. what did you say this was again? leaves?
  3. is that the whole eigth? that bud looks very airy so i think you might be a little short, also has way to many leaves on it. hows it smoke?, and what did you pay also? enjoy
  4. very leafy... i would get a new dealer but enjoy :) :smoke::smoke:
  5. Mate you got fucking jipped on that 8th lmao, it's at least 60% leaves.
  6. Its pretty leafy, but honestly its not all that bad.

    If I wanted to get bac=ked and I got that, it would be a moderate pick up. It doesnt look very aesthetically pleasing, but im sure it will still get you baked, which is what matters most after all.

    How is smoke :)?
  7. Not bad. I'd say it was cut to early and 50% leaves. Its buyable but for very very cheap.
  8. I come from Newcastle and I would kill for a deal like that under the £30 mark. Don't listen to these guys, if its good for you then it's good for you.

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