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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Takshaka, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Can anyone recomend a good safe place to buy supplies for an indoor hydroponic grow in the UK? I'm particularly looking for a source for HPS lights.

  2. Sup,

    You could probably go to a fish store and get some suplies. what type of hydro are you growing and where do you plan to keep it.your probably a bigginer so i suggest you start with normal plants first :eek:
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  3. Well I plan on setting up a bubbler system so I'll be getting my airpumps
    at a pet store, but come on you can't seriously think that you just gave me good advice there. I mean how many fish/pet stores do you know that stock HPS lights and hydro nutrients?

    And what is the point in suggesting that I start with normal plants? There's only one thing I want to grow!

    No offence, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question but really if you haven't got anything useful to say or any real experience to draw on then you shouldn't waste peoples time with your 'advice'.
  4. I’m in the UK too.. depends on how secretive your trying to be.. any hydro store will be able to help you with all you need just pay with cash and not card so no details majority of the stores have no cctv either so no proof you was ever there. Ebays a good place if you can get any obvious things delivered to somewhere other than where you choose to grow..

    What size lighting you after I have 600s and 250w ballasts I don’t use any more could hook you up if your local to me, you’ll just need lamps.

    Peace CM18

  5. You do realise this post is 17 years old right?? I don't think they need help anymore man lol
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  6. Hahahaha what a twat... well the thought was there.. I was just browsing through absolute beginners and this was at the top.. guess il check the date in future...
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