Uk skunk Scare

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  1. We all know, in the UK, the media has created some sort of new scare about cannabis, and they say that a new type of cannabis has arised, they then talk bs about it giving someone x10 chance of haxing schitzophrenia
    but have any of you noticed this is normal weed you get? 
    apparently 'skunk' is anything about 5% thc

  2. Typical misinformation. Nothing to report on? Just pretend like better quality weed has some scary consequences! Spin the wheel, and... looks like schizophrenia for this one!
  3. The first time I heard about this was on a bbc program about weed.

    This one kid (total fuckin aspie, btw, and not the GOOD kind) had a freak-out, and they blamed it on "skunk"...

    It pisses me off that bbc has the BEST nature programs, but the WORST psuedo-libertarianism garbage on earth..
  4. Five percent THC?  Is it mexican brick weed?  Because that sounds like a pretty low percentage.
  5. 5% seems like a very low figure for THC concentration, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if cannabis in the modern age could give rise to a greater risk of developing psychotic symptoms in people predisposed to it, given that their seems to be something of a concerted effort to selectively breed cannabis strains to produce a higher level of THC and hence a lower level of CBD (amongst others).

    CBD has been found to act as a very effective antipsychotic among other things, so I think it's entirely plausible that a higher concentration of THC and a lower concentration of CBD in cannabis could well be a factor in the development of psychotic symptoms in individuals who are vulnerable. Just my thoughts anyways.
  6. I know I would function better with a higher concentration of THC to CBD.  Not to discount high levels of CBD to THC i.e. hemp.  I just think that real cannabis with a high level of THC is more beneficial.
  7. If this was true then what about people who dab all the time. I haven't heard of an increase in schizophrenic people from smoking higher concentrations of THC?
    The UK media has always been full of shit regarding cannabis and this skunk scare has been around for a long time in particular lol
  8. travilanche, what do you mean function better? I'm certainly not questioning the medicinal value of THC, and I suppose functionality is a property unique to individuals.

    Stoned342, I assume by dab you mean non-frequent smokers? Which I guess could be chalked up to lower consumption. I've heard of higher levels of schizophrenia in general although there are too many factors involved to draw anything from that. I'm not making any definite claims but I don't think it's an entirely outlandish possibility that THC could (emphasis on could) worsen psychotic type symptoms as their is a bit of (questionable) evidence, and some studies have already revealed that CBD improves such symptoms, I don't think it's such a stretch to consider the possibility that the ratio of these cannabinoids could play a very large part in the positive or negative effects of cannabis.

    Just want to point out that I'm not here to argue against cannabis, I just think there's nothing wrong with being cautious about it.

    Sorry, bit of a ramble haha
  9. the B(ritish) B(ullshit) C(ocksuckers have always spouted wot ever they think will cause a reaction. maybe weed does cause mental health issues ? it dont make you turn a blind eye to your employees fiddling with folks kids though does it ????? people in glass houses should not throw stones imo . backword thinking spouted by them is why r laws r broken nd the country f**ked . rant over .KP.
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    Hey thanks for the reply! By dab i mean smoking cannabis oil or wax. It's popular in the US and has a much higher concentration of THC than smoking flower. Apparently there's some types that contain up to 90% thc but im not sure how true that one is lol
    Also I think travilanche means that by just vaporizing weed he only ingests thc and certain cannabinoids. He's not ingesting any of the higher temperature cbd's or carcinogens so the effects are much less groggy and can actually be an energizing effect
  11. Oh haha, we are a little restricted for choice in australia, or at least I've never had the opportunity to get anything besides some no-name crap, still $20 a gram as well :( haha 90% would be intense! :D

    Ah I understand now
  12. Fuck this country.
  13. Exactly what I meant.  The THC doesn't inhibit my function at all, and does give me a certain energy.  This is why I prefer Sativas.  If I have Indicas with higher CBD, I just veg out and go to sleep about an hour after smoking.  I can't help it.  High CBD compared to THC means I HAVE to go to sleep.  Which is a good thing sometimes, but I can't function on Indicas.  They are for late night use only.
  14. Keep in mind Richard Murdock ran 2 of the most popular media outlets in the UK. Murdock is a master of misinformation (hence Foxnews) The UK did boot Murdock out of the UK for tapping phones of citizens for news stories. Cudo's to them for that. The morrow of the story is once again corporate media is a very dangerous entity which relies on NO facts to report "stories" They mold perception of millions of people in countries all over the planet. When people stop believing/reading the corporate media propaganda and learn to inform themselves we may eventually see a global push to end the prohibition of marijuana.

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