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UK PENG!!! Grapefruit.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lewbelew, May 19, 2010.

  1. Just a couple of nugs i have left from an eighth, enjoy.

  2. that looks fucking sick

    how much for an 8th? where abouts in UK?
  3. YUM YUM! looks awesome =]

  4. Nottingham man. :)
  5. God that looks good. Love to some some good UK shit. :)
  6. Looks like some piff man, nice pick up!
  7. Looks dank! WE need to start seeing some dank from the UK! nice pickup!

  8. I get similar stuff from notts for twenty an eigth
  9. Yeah man this is from a guy in a town near where i live, if you live in notts there is a guy who does deliverys.

  10. all of my contacts deliver here which is right good :)
  11. Looks some nice stuff mate how much did that 1/8th run you ?

  12. 20 quid. Got this and some blueberry floating about near me at the moment. :hello:

  13. what the hell is quid?

  14. quids a word thats used for pounds here
  15. wish i could find a guy who shots that in sheffield

  16. SAAAAAFE! :smoke:
  17. i just got some of this same shit,it tastes and smells really nice,good pick up
  18. Nice pickup man :smoke:

    Looks like the same stuff i picked up this week haha (northampton) :D Good to see another person from UK on here :D

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