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UK PC grow box lighting question.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ponyslaystation, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. So, I have built my PC case pretty much but im going to buy the bulbs now.
    Iv'e looked in to this a few weeks ago and was quite certain I was going to use a 125w dual spectrum CFL for both vegging + flowering, but then I read on and see people dont advise using them, and to get 4 bulbs of one spectrum for vegging and 4 for flowering. This is 8 lightbulbs for a PC case and I cant help but think there must be a cheaper solution, thats why I was leaning forward to the dual spectrum... Now i'm just left confused.

    Please help, and please bear in mind im in the UK so I cant just nip to Walmart, which seems to sell everything from guns to a chuffing light bulb.. I get Asda and well.. You know
  2. I used a 125w single spectrum CFL in my PC case and just switched the bulb at the necessary time for flowering, I couldn't find anywhere in the UK that sold power strip light sockets that people are able to get from Walmart in the US..
  3. I've looked everywhere for them and can't find em, nowhere!!

    What plant did you grow and how much did you manage to get off it ?

    Thanks for help
  4. UK Plug to E27 Light Bulb Adapter with Switch | eBay

    These go in the power strip but they can only use 60watts per plug, so that would mean you would have to get a few of those smaller cfl's but then.. My bank balance is at Zero so buying one big bulb that does two jobs makes more sense to me !!
  5. I grew 1 Easy Ryder in my PC, the tower was by far not big enough and I ended up literally tilting the pot to a 45 degree angle to give it a bit of extra space. I got about 20g dry from the one plant but have never used the case myself a small tent setup now using LED :)

    You'll find the E27 CFLs are much cheaper to buy than the big bulbs though so it may work out cheaper for you getting like 6 E27 fittings and a 6 plug power strip, maybe even 2 x 3 power strips to give you more flexibility to move lights around. With CFL it's more about getting lights as close as possible to those bud sites so a lot of people would see the 125w or 250w variants as inefficient and awkward to use as a main light, opting for it as supplemental light instead. Look for a book called "How to grow 8 ounces of bud for $100" and it'll explain more.
  6. Yeah! Lol, my case is only 15" tall.. It's not a lot of room to work with but, I'm sure i'll figure it out and an ounce would be ace, if I can find a small cabinet or something i will use that instead but at the minute I have the PC.
    My Mylar came this morning. Not sure wether I should have a search around for a cabinet or start the case now. Iv'e found the book for £9 Iv'e learned a lot off the internet read about advanced growing techniques, nutes and soil I can get in the UK, gonna go for BioBizz all mix and the grow and bloom and the... Top Max too !!

    What did you use for soil and nutes?

    I'm more of a hands on person though so once I have 1 plant im sure i'll crack it next time.

    Thanks for your help dude
  7. For nutes I use Plagron light mix soil along with the Canna Terra range. Light mix is good as it's only got light nutrient in the soil that lasts for the first two weeks of the grow.

    With a bit of LST I don't see why an ounce couldn't be achievable in a PC case, I was too scared to train my plant and I only used a 2 litre bottle cut in half (the other half I used for a bucket haha) as a pot with black lining covering the sides, the bigger the root system the bigger the plants and lets just say that isn't a big pot :p

    I'm sure you will get the hang of it, just make sure your research is thorough and nothing can go wrong, I've had very few problems since my first grow and managed to pull 67g dry from two Easy Ryder dwarves in my second attempt with 135w of LED :) good luck with your project, you'll not regret setting it up :p
  8. Thanks for your advice pal !!

    Will try some techniques, seem to be drawn towards scrog !
    But might try an auto plant first, so i'll have to use LST if I decide to go auto for 1st attempt.

    But thanks again for your help, just lined my case with mylar got a smile on my face just need everything else.

    The 2L bottle dude thats a good idea ive seen that before, why do you line it with black though?

    Thanks again

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  9. I want to try a scrog myself...still can't quite get my head around it though :(

    As for the black lining...If you don't and light gets in it can cause fungal problems, I didn't seal off the bottom properly and when I did get round to putting the pot at the 45 degree angle, I got algae/moss growing in the bottom of the pot, not good! That and the fact that roots will stop growing as soon and the tips of them die off when exposed to light.

    The 2L bottle thing was all because I didn't have any pots small enough for my needs and well...I had a 2L bottle lying around lol

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