UK parliament votes to recognise Palestinian state.

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    Breaking news...

    The British parliament has voted overwhelmingly to recognise the state of Palestine...

    272 yes
    12 no

    Well done Britain !!!!

    The Israelis did all they could to encourage a No vote but thankfully the politicians of Britain ignored their whining and threats...

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  2. “Palestine” lacks a “government.” It is ruled half by a terrorist group and half by an unelected administrative entity. Its last election occurred nearly seven years ago, and it has no capacity (much less inclination) to hold a new one.

    The government of each half considers the government of the other half illegitimate, and both are correct: one regime took power by a coup, and the other remains in power four years after its term expired.

    There is no legal governing body in either half of the purported state, much less one that governs both.

    In other words, this will have no effect on the ground in "Palestine."
  3. So that's Sweden and the UK of the OECD contries.
    Have there been more?  Anybody know?
    This is big news ...

    Hasbara is aflame ...
  4. This vote reflects the dramatic shift in worldwide public opinion towards the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

    Tick tock, tick tock, the bigots of Israel must be squirming now...

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  5. This is the start of a land slide of recognition amongst European countries...

    The vast majority of the world recognises the state of Palestine.

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  6. Yeah, thanks.  I googled and found out the same thing.
  7. OK?

    It still doesn't change the fact there is no functioning government in "Palestine."
  8. And that is because of the Israeli government.
    They have done all they can to divide the people of Gaza and the West Bank but thankfully they are failing miserably on all fronts.

    Will raise a glass to you tonight when toasting Palestine J...

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  9. Didn't know the standards were that low for Palestine... Geez..

    And no, Hamas and Fatah were both elected in a democratic vote by Palestinians and no one else. Israel did not vote them in.

    Hamas and Fatah have been slaughtering each other since 2007 when Hamas launched a coup in Gaza, which I'm sure you are aware of already.
  10. To be honest, this will be a good thing by making "Palestine" responsible for acts of war each time they launch rockets at Israel.

    No more crying Wolf and hiding behind the UN.
    I was just guuuna ask why you are so against Palestinian recognition?
    This outcome could be good for Israel as well.
    That's my hope - win, win.
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    Wouldn't say I'm against it.

    It's just that what's the point of making such a meaningless statement? You know very well how incapable the current leaders of "Palestine" are in terms of governing a state.

    How can Israel safely withdraw from the West Bank with the current goons in power? The security risk is too high.
    why do you put Palestine in quotes?
    You're not against, but why the hissy fit?
    Are you for the two state solution?
    Israel is the second most corrupt OECD nation and it's managing to govern its affairs ...
    And what do you care about Palestinian corruption?  Why is it a concern of yours?  Are you concerned about all the corruption in the world, or just the Palestinian variety.
    $64,000 question ...
  16. What hissy fit?

    I'm not naive enough to believe that once Israel withdraws from more land, peace will magically appear. There is zero guarantee of peace with any current Palestinian political group.

    Hamas/Fatah are laughable partners of peace with Israel. You know that, I know that.

    Israel is the only OECD member in the region which says a lot. I give it ten years till "Palestine" turns into just another sectarian shit holes like Israel's neighbouring countries are currently.
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    what makes you think that "Israel" will withdraw from more land?
    Don't know what you're trying to imply.
    Israel has a functioning government that provides the highest standard of living for its own people.
    Palestinians? Not really.

    Never said they would, nor should they as it is asking for a security failure in the making.

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