UK: Man Smoked Cannabis To Tackle Disease

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    A man who smoked up to 20 cannabis cigarettes a day to tackle the symptoms of a degenerative disease was spared punishment yesterday.

    Zippy Rayner, 45, admitted possession of controlled drugs after a police search of his home near Halesworth led to the discovery of 17.2 grams of cannabis resin and 282 grams of herbal cannabis.

    Lowestoft magistrates heard Rayner had been smoking 15-20 "joints" a day. Rayner handed the drugs, worth a total of UKP490, to police who had gone to his house with a search warrant on March 27.

    James Terry, prosecuting, said: "He has drug-related matters going back quite some time. The police were handed a quantity of drugs by the defendant. He understands that at the present time it is illegal to possess cannabis."

    Mr Terry said that while the police officers were still at his home, Rayner told them: "I don't misuse drugs, I use drugs."

    The court heard that Rayner, of Sibton, near Halesworth, had bought a "significant quantity" of the drug because it was cheaper that way and was smoking about an ounce of cannabis a week.

    The court heard that Rayner suffers from Wilson's Disease, a degenerative illness caused by the body not properly processing copper in food.

    Lucy Ashmore, in mitigation, said that Rayner was aware of the legal issues surrounding possession of cannabis.

    "He is someone who knows it is wrong in law," she said. "He does not like having to take the cannabis but it helps him and calms him.

    "He is trying very hard to find alternative ways of dealing with his problem," she added. "He is a model citizen in many respects and helped the police find the cannabis at his home."

    The court heard that former engineer Rayner was first diagnosed more than 20 years ago. Since then he had been married until his wife, who suffered from bi-polar disorder, committed suicide.

    "He tries to keep himself busy," said Miss Ashmore. "And he does gardening to tackle his feelings of aggression."

    Magistrates told Rayner that despite co-operating with police he would be still punished because of his history of drug offences.

    He was fined UKP200 and told to pay UKP50 towards costs. The magistrates also ordered the destruction of the drugs.

  2. Sounds like the poor dude has been persecuted his whole life for being sick. I really feel sorry for this dude.
  3. You really pisses me off when Pharmaceutical companies block the decriminalization of marijuana, just so they can have their already disgusting share of the medicine market. Meanwhile, good people are suffering because they don't have access to the herb that can relieve so many symptoms of countless illnesses. Let's hope Canada takes the next step in legalizing pot. so people here can have the help they need.

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