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Uk Jobs that dont test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Silus92, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone. I know this topic comes up time and time again but I guess that's just the nature of the question.....anyway.

    I work in the construction industry, have done for 3 years and been looking to get out of it for at least a year. It's not great money infact it's only just above minimum wage. I've been working here since the day I turned 18 up till now where I'm 21. Been drug tested twice in 2011, 0 times in 2012 and once in 2013. These were all random apart from the first one.

    The job I'm on finishes August - September (was a 3 year contract) so I'll be looking for new jobs from then onwards and was thinking I may aswell get a head start on the job market. Ideally jobs that don't test. I hate the feeling of never knowing when the next text is coming, makes you feel like a prisoner.
    Would love to go to Amsterdam one day but as long as I'm in a tested job that will never happen.

    All replies are welcomed.
  2. It seems you get tested in jobs that are high risk of fucking up, e.g operating machinery/overseeing dangerous jobs.
    i assume anything non-physical would not require one.
  3. Man the manual part of the construction industry is not where you wanna be if you wanna smoke weed! I work for a construction company, a pretty big one too but I'm office based, the amount of times Ive went to the toilet and the nurse has been there piss testing people is crazy, every time I crap myself!

    But as far as I know you'll only be drug tested if you give your employer reason to believe that you're under the influence or if you work in a high risk job, this could be anything on site and you will almost certainly be tested if you operate or drive any piece of machinery from a forklift to a crane.
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    Yeah I know it sucks. Been searching for apprenticeships and other jobs with small company's that surely won't test. They need to just legalize it so we can get rid of this cannabis test in the full drug test bullshit.

    Got tested positive for cocaine in 2011 when I never touched that crap in my life. Begged for a retest and thankfully that one was clean must have been a dud test. Never been so scared and confused in my life haha.
  5. That would be scary! I'd be fired on the spot with no negotiation or retests, my boss is an arse hole!

    I'd try the trainee route though just because of the money, if you do an apprenticeship you'll be on really bad money, I just got off apprentice wage!

    My mate is a joiner and he's never been drug tested, his boss does all sorts and used to smoke loads of weed, and one of his work mates is the same, they work on the sites that my company build houses on and heave never been tested! Specializing in something like that would maybe work, especially with a relatively small company?
  6. I'm in the UK and I'm a production engineer and operate machines. You'd think with the machines being £300,000 a pop they would test me, but they don't.I've worked here 3 years and never been tested, and I asked a colleague who has worked there for 15 years and he said they've never tested anyone.I think in the UK is far less strict with testing than some states in the US or other countries.As far as your question goes about getting a new job I'd definitely recommend considering a job in engineering. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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