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UK - Jack Herer, Nepalese, Caramello, Pakistani Charas, Afghan Gold Seal (!), Maroc

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Crick&Watson, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. #1 Crick&Watson, Apr 14, 2009
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    I haven't posted for a while but I've run into some particularly nice things at the moment!

    Jack Herer - I was in the USA briefly over the last few weeks and ran into some nice guys selling this. Killer smoke - classic 'stone' + Brilliant taste!


    Back in the UK I've got some excellent varieties of hash:


    Clockwise from top left :

    Nepalese (as marked) - Gorgeous smell; unusually fresh section of a 'temple ball'. Very soft and , of course, a damn potent smoke!


    Caramello - This too, is very fresh and uncharacteristically soft, as demonstrated it easily separates into a creamy and fruity smoke.


    Bent into two sections :


    Pakistani Charas -From the tribal region of Afridi Tirah (Sorry - I had some Tosh Valley but that's an Indian variety) It contains surprisingly little plant matter as is customary of Pakistani gaarda, and it's a relatively smooth smoke, containing no adulterants.


    Afghan Gold Seal Hash - WOW. Incredible hash; this stuff is what a lot of European smokers dream of. It's so sticky that laying it on glass will cause it to stick until it rips. Extremely aromatic smoke, but can be overpowering if you're unprepared!



    Sadly I forgot to photograph the XXX, which is at the bottom - this is top grade Moroccan light press hash, known as 'Pollen' in the UK, except this isn't adulterates shit, it's honey coloured and a deceivingly light smoke, as it's pretty strong! Very good for a day time joint.

    Enjoy! (I'm going to.....)

  2. As do I.

    Just sampled some more of these varieties; they are a real pleasure to have!

  3. beauuuuutiful hash
  4. Looks so yummy!!!
  5. NO doubt that stuff looks so bomb it's been so long since I've had hash :(
  6. wow, it's rare enough for me to get any sort of hash at all so it's great to see such a nice variety of top grade stuff :yummy:
  7. Wow...

    The only time i had access to international hashish like this was when zippybud was in business, or when I was in the netherlands.

    The nepalese cream hash was my favourite, but i never even seen that afghan gold seal shit before.

    +rep for making me salivate to the point of dripping drool on my shirt.
  8. never been able to find any hash other than crappy soap bar :(
  9. Wow. I wish I had access to hash down here in the dirty south : /. I have only seen it twice, and it definently didn't look as good as yours!
  10. Mate, who the fuck are you?

    Who the hell even knows people who have contacts to get them hash from one of these regions never mind ALL OF EM..

    Crazy shit man that afghan gold seal looks fucking insane, not that any of the other dont but that just stands out to me.

    The things id do for some of that hash... well i just cant say... id get banned LOOL

  11. Nice buds/hash!!!... I have never seen Pakistani hash...thats real cool...Im actually Pakistani so it would nice if I could find some in my area...time to make some calls.
  12. that looks like a shit i took earlier.....haha jk looks like some great stuff :p
  13. you lucky bastards, my mate brought me sum shit back from amsterdam, problem is most of it was shit and burnt black, think it might of been that afghani border stuff tho it smelt an awful lot like that nasty squidgy black stuff, didnt want to smoke it but i havent got much choice now tbh

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