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UK Dank - no-name Sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by war_subvert, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. #1 war_subvert, Sep 25, 2009
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    Got a 1/4 of this last night. Smells skunky but there's also a hint of citrus. Tastes sweet and citrusy, very smooth smoke. The buds are quite tight but easy to pull apart, i think it's somewhere around 70-80% sativa.
    The high is very long lasting. It gives a very strong head high and the slightest body high.


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  2. Niiiiice mate we hardly ever get Sativa strains round our parts, where abouts do you live? Those buds look pukkaaaaaa!
  3. Cheers man. I'm in the south west. We get indicas more often up here aswell.
  4. I never new there was such nice bud here in the UK :|
  5. I was going to buy some stuff like that last week. Looked the exact same. BUT after i had a closer look i found it was really wet. And had mold on it :(
  6. These buds were quite dry and ground up really fine.
  7. Thats good.
  8. respect for the nice pickup. R u newhere near london? But plz, no1 calls it 'dank' over here..
  9. Na south west. Only said dank to get more views.
  10. So, I guess the scourge of gritweed is over in the UK. Thank Buddha it didn't make it to us in the US or Canada, but I heard on the Dopecast that you guys had it bad with weed sprayed with sugar water to make it heavy and ROLLED IN SAND and glass to make it look like fat trichomes. :mad:
  11. looks like some kush to me
  12. Nice shit man.

    Smoke that for me.
  13. What do they call dank in england?
  14. Dank? read the thread title ;)
  15. Normally just good weed and sometimes strain names.

    We don't normally call it dank, I just thought it would get more views as there's lots of americans on this forum and this weed is what some american/canadian people would call dank
  16. Looks very nice mate, some good bud floating around by me aswell. How much did the Q cost ?
  17. #18 devilishfatcat, Sep 26, 2009
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    Thats some nice you got there mate, enjoy it.

    Im Glad to see more people from the UK posting nice stuff on here, jus shows our shits gettin better :)

    I'd add rep but i need to spread it more haha

    An for the people not getting nicer shit in the UK, stick with it you'll find it sooner or later. Took me a while before i started getting the better stuff, you'll get the better contacts eventually :)

    As for what we call dank over here, it varies from place to place.. Common ones round here are chronic, sticky/stinky nice (lol), phat shit, all just descriptive words really. I get strain names every week or so, but normally its just no-name's. Damp buds also quite common around my parts so texts lettin you know theyve got stuff in normally go somewhere along the lines of "got some phat dry sticky nice" to anything a little more imaginative..

    I had one once from a guy who had pot of gold, strawberry cough, northern lights, white widow and arjans haze.. that was an imaginative little story i got.. something along the lines of arjan followed the northern lights to find the pot of gold along the way he saw a white widow who offered him food, he ate and developed a strawberry cough..

    It was something similar to that, but i deleted it :/

  18. That's some really nice weed man, I'm extremely jealous. I've never heard anyone in Canada call good weed dank either, we just call it good shit, dank around here means bad.
  19. good to see the uk isnt shamed on grasscity lol
    london still has the piff dont worry ;)

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